Many gospel songs have worship and praise Bemba words and you could be wondering what the words actually mean;

1. Katebebe
The One who reigns above all else.
2. Shimukokota nsono
Insono (sometimes means iron& steel) are extremely hard stones or pebbles. tough, durable and strong as Iron). He chews these stones like you would with a sugar cane or something soft.
This means the God who does the impossible, one to whom nothing is too hard.
(LUKE 1:37)

3. Nsamfya manika
One who covers the earth with vegetation, describing him as creator, of heaven and earth
4. Mankangala
The one who is so great that HE is unstoppable.
5. Munshitafukatilwa
One who whose strength and power cannot be contained by anyone or anything.

6. Shimwilili
The God who lives forever, who is eternal.
7. Shimwelenganya
HE who does the unimaginable, impossible or miraculous and he is behind all things and all creations.
8. Shimwitwa Pakalala, Shimukunta petabwa
The one to call upon for intervention in the midst of the hardest of situations, amidst the most difficult of struggle, or battles,
The One gives beyond measure.
The supreme one, the Almighty one, the absolute one

10. Umwine nkuni na menshi- owner of all flaura, fauna and water
11. Imfumu pasha mfumu shonse, Kana besa mulopwe- King of kings and his majesty be to Him
12- Shichaibumba- self created, all knowing God
Some words are so rich, so simple but so descriptive that there might no equivalent English word to convey the deep meaning

 by Emmanuel Mwamba


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