Milupi says Lungu has done nothing for Zambians to give him another chance… SAY ‘NO’ TO THIRD TERM

Charles Milupi

By Lulumbi Nakazwe

CHARLES Milupi says President Edgar Lungu has done nothing for Zambians to give him another chance in power.

And Milupi says PF members should not allow President Lungu to get a third term in office because he has failed them.

“Morally, President Lungu should not even think of standing in 2021. He, himself, must examine what he has done for the Zambians. What has he done other than the corruption, over-expenditure, over-travels, useless ministries he has created like this religious desk? Nothing at all; absolutely ridiculous! So morally, he must not stand,” Milupi said.

President Lungu last week said while on a visit to the Copperbelt that the Republican Constitution allowed him to stand in 2021 and said he would be ready for the next presidential election if the party adopted him.

And on departure for Ghana on Friday, President Lungu said he was aware that there were some people in the PF who were positioning themselves to take over the presidency but wondered what they were scared of.

But Milupi cautioned the Patriotic Front against adopting President Lungu as the presidential candidate in the 2021 elections.

“The party itself must understand that he has not been able to follow their programmes especially when it comes to matters of poverty reduction, matters of development, and anti-corruption. The party itself must not consider making him a presidential candidate. But even if they did, the Zambians people must give the ultimate judgment and that is to say ‘No.’ If Kenneth Kaunda after 27 years was voted out, Rupiah Banda after three years was voted out based on performance, there is nothing to stop the Zambian people from voting him (President Lungu) out,” Milupi said.

”The reason President Lungu wants to stand and the reason some PF members are saying he must stand in 2021 is not because he is performing. It is purely because he has access to state authority and he abuses the authority to steal elections. They have stolen elections twice, in 2015 and 2016. By use of state machinery, they think it will be easier for them to steal again so that they can continue to plunder the resources of this nation. It is not in the interest of this country.”

He said President Lungu could not be supported to go for a third term because of his inability to run the country.

“I do not support President Lungu standing in 2021 on other reasons; major reasons are his inability to direct this country in the way that it will advance the Zambian nation and the Zambian people. The years that he has been in power clearly have indicated that there is no tangible benefit; poverty is increasing, unemployment levels are high, the cost of living is going up. All the negative things; corruption is at its highest. Now we are engulfed in this maize scandal,” Milupi said.

He said it was not right for President Lungu to start talking about a third term after a few months of being voted into office.

“A few months after being voted into office to start debating that he wants to stand in 2021 shows the ridiculousness of their stand, especially when the country is engulfed in so many problems that need urgent attention. [A few] days ago, boss himself and his Vice-President Inonge Wina were inspecting farms infested with army worms. To me, looking at the pictures that are coming out of that, what should worry me is the fields that they were inspecting,” said Milupi.

“We have people who are not taking these things seriously. They think government is about making millions of dollars and going on holidays. Some of us don’t. We think governance is a serious undertaking.”


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