A miner at Kansanshi Mine in Solwezi has died after a Ridged dump truck she was driving lost control and hit into another truck.

Northwestern Police Commissioner Auxensio Daka has confirmed the mine accident to The Independent Observer.

Mr Daka said the accident happened today around 05:45 hours in the morning.

He identifiedbdump truck operator as Annet Kalolo 34, of Mitec area in Solwezi who lost control of the truck and hit into another dump truck.

“She was driving a huge heavy duty truck, fleet No. RD 85 in the direction of north to south, she lost control of it and hit into the rear part of another dump truck fleet number RD 95 which was also going into the same direction.

“The impact extensively damaged front part and the driver’s cabin. Both legs of the driver were crushed and cut off. She died at Meryburg hospital in solwezi some few hours later,” he said.

Mr Daka said the police has visited the scene and inquiry file opened.


  1. Sincere condolences to the bereaved, word of advice though, please do not take up jobs for the sake of proving that women can do what men can do, am actually appalled at how most women drivers conduct themselves when they drive these dot.com cars, they park anywhere, they join roads as if they are the only motorist on the road, they seem not to understand the separation of stopping slots at junctions, everything is done carelessly as if they are plating hair or washing clothes.


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