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The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) has disclosed that out of 100,000 verified certificates for Teacher Registration, 501 certificates are forged. Speaking during the a press briefing in Lusaka today (01.09.2017), TCZ Registrar Dr Ebby Mubanga said 394 forged certificates are from the public sector while 107 are from the private sector.
According to the Teaching Council, the number of teachers with forged qualifications per province is as follows:
1..Lusaka Province = 135 Teachers With Forged Certificates.

2..Southern Province = 70 Teachers With Forged Certificates.

4..Copperbelt Province = 65 Teachers With Forged Certificates.

5..Central Province = 52 Teachers With Forged Certificates.

6..Muchinga Province = 45 Teachers With Forged Certificates.

7..Luapula Province =40 Teachers With Forged Certificates.

8..Eastern Province 35 Teachers With Forged Certificates.

9..North Western Province 33 Teachers With Forged Certificates.

10..Western Province = 26 Teachers With Forged Certificates.

Dr Mubanga mentioned that some of the culprits are unfortunately holding high administrative positions. He further mentioned that some teachers forged both academic and professional certificates, and that the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) has since been informed, and will soon engage the Law Enforcement Agencies. He mentioned that the said applicants have been disqualified from registration, in accordance with section 12 of the Teaching Profession Act No.5 of 2013.


  1. i understand y zambia can not move foward sure a teacher forging a cert and be accepted by the employer leaving pipo who hav suffed on the desk y sure? this are the same pipo being used to rig the elections in order to suport them, plz go on with the system actually publish their names so that they are known.

  2. Matero examination council of Zambia which is the leading council of producing most working people who have been in government.It has also produced most MP in the office of Zambia. I fear baba what this examination going to destroy this country.

  3. Its exactly what happened in Tanzania where most Senior government officials had forged papers.Yes quick action should be taken to arrest perpetrators. They are the same people who are lowering our standards.

  4. Comment:
    Those idiots should be dealt with &accordingly.
    How were they employed by the government? yet those documents were
    first verified & certified by relevant authorities. Does it mean that all of them were corrupt? Shame, shame and shame. Publicise those names immediately.

  5. Also deal with the personel recruiting them they are the people responsible for making these unqualified missiccrints pay for promotions some with a diploma is headmaster when a number of them have degrees , adding there salaries when they are not qualified for the particular grade I urge the teaching cauncil to seriously scrutinize and deal with human resource personel and their cartels in the system.

  6. All their terminal benefits & assets should be forfieted to the state and they should be proscuted the same way as criminals. Please let the genuine teachers fill these vacant positions.

  7. arrest them ebalenga kwiba na increament ba shetani,but ensuer that all government workers pass through the same machine not only to teachers.

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