Morocco And Allies To Recognise Barotseland As Separate Country In Retaliation For Lungu’s Recognition Of Western Sahara

A handout picture shows Morocco's King Mohammed VI giving a speech to mark the 60th anniversary of the People and the King's Revolution in Rabat on August 20, 2013. AFP PHOTO / Azzouz BoukallouchAZZOUZ BOUKALLOUCH/AFP/Getty Images

Following President Edgar Lungu’ s decision to start tit for tat dangerous games with Morocco, that country and it’s allies might hit back hard.

After the King of Morocco cancelled his visit to Zambia abruptly last December , Lungu decided to insult Morocco by openly recognising Western Sahara, a territory which Morocco says is its province.

Lungu invited the president of Western Sahara to Zambia and during their meeting cast assertions on Morocco by stating that Moroccans think they are Europeans.

The Watchdog has been briefed that Morocco is currently looking at a befitting and proper ‘hit back’.

‘Your president doesn’t know what he has just started. This is not a small matter,’ a diplomatic source told the Watchdog.

According to the source, the most likely recourse for Morocco will be to recognise Barotseland and convince other countries to do the same and send ambassadors to Mongu and receive Barotse Envoys in their capital cities.

Barotseland may soon be armed.

Speaking when he held talks with visiting Sahrawi Democratic Arab Republic President Ibrahim Ghali at State House on Tuesday, Lungu said Africa remains one despite ‘some’ northern parts of the continent distancing themselves from the continent, in apparent reference to Morocco which has been ttrying to join the European Union.
Lungu further said Zambia was keen to strengthen ties with Sahrawi. Zambia revoked its recognition of Sahrawi in July last year.

Morocco is the only country in Africa which is not a member of the African Union after it left the then Organisation of African Unity (OAU) now the African Union following the admittance of Sahrawi (Western Sahara) to the OAU in 1984.

Morocco later attempted to join the European Economic Community(EEC) now the European Union(AU) in 1987 and has been trying since then but has not been successful.
In July last year Morocco formally expressed its intention to rejoin the African Union and the final decision will be taken this month end in Addis Abba. Maybe Lungu will oppose the readmission of Morocco to the AU.

What the president of Western Sahara does not seem to realise is that Lungu is just using him for his personal benefits. How can one country change its policy on another country three times within 12 months?

Morocco’s King Muhammad VI cancelled his scheduled two day state visit to Zambia last month following Zambia’s double dealings with the two countries


  1. this is good news for oppressed kidnapped murdered intimidated mocked people of mighty barotseland Royal government yet to separate from Zambia ad it was in colonial time of great baritseland kingdom. Long live bulozi fasi LA bondate.

  2. This is dangerous Lawrence Kamanga, It will mean giving them Western, North Western and Copperbert provinces. This is what is called Barostseland. Imagine a Zambia without Copperbert province!..

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