Edgar Chakolwa Lungu is really paying back to his Indians, arabs and Moslems friends who funded his campaigns.

But typical of his stupidity and lack of foresight, Lungu and his health minister, Chitalu Chilufya who for some time now Zambian Eagle thought had some sense in his big head have completely sold off Zambia’s only UTH to foreign thieves.

Impeccable sources have informed Zambian Eagle that terms of the privatization between Lungu and his cronies disguised as investors was to divide UTH into four clinics.

It was at this point that Lungu foolishly stated in his agreement that the five clinics must be headed by his PF cadres so as to reduce suspicions from the general public.

It was also agreed that he is going to employ two cadres as permanent secretaries for ministry of health.

But this is total stupidity, when the country has no money and people are hoping for him to reduce his government but he keeps increasing it while calling on Zambians to tighten their belts.

However the selling of UTH and procedural divide into Five clinics is meant for corruption deals as Lungu has agreed that his other Arab mafias be the only suppliers of medicines to the clinics.

Zambian Eagle will soon publish documents of the transactions of UTH and how they will cut deals with Chakolwa Lungu.

After the sell deal, Lungu has since recommended that his Arab mafias and Moslem thieves divide UTH into 5 clinics each to headed by cronies to Chilufya Chitalu.

Those appointed by Lungu to head the five clinics and these are typical PF cadres and minions who have wrongly been advising PF to an extent of purchasing expired ARVs from Arab thieves, they include Dr. John Musuku, Dr. Maureen Chisembele, Dr. Chiluba, Dr. Aaron Shibemba.

Zambian Eagle is reliably informed that non these positions were advertised as these fools disguised as doctors are part of the UTH privatization deal.

Now one thing that Lungu doesn’t know is that these are the same chaps who have for long been killing Zambians by giving them expired drugs.

Typical of PF cadres cheating between their long teeth and while pretending to be doctors, these criminals did not even bother to ask about job advertising as they are beneficiaries of corruption.

Zambian Eagle shall soon begin exposing them individually over their private deals which include among them sleeping with patients who went to seek medical attention.

According to secret documents obtained by Zambian Eagle UTH has been privatized and divided into five clinics namely Children’s clinic, Maternal and Newborns clinic, Medical & Surgical clinic, Cancer clinic and Labs clinic.

Now all these have been created as conduit for corruption during the procurement of drugs.