Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri

Patriotic Front deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says party cadres who are fond of fanning disorder and insulting people will be dealt with.

Speaking when she featured on 5FM’s Burning Issue on Thursday, Phiri said she got embarrassed every time she witnessed PF cadres being unruly on the roads whenever they went to see off President Edgar Lungu at the airport.

“Those [PF cadres] at intercity and those who insult people in the street are going to be dealt with and I am telling you we were all listening to Milleniuim Radio and I wish the woman who called can come to our offices and identify the people who were misbehaving we don’t agree, we have to make a difference. What you have said about commotion among PF cadres is very true. We actually had a meeting with the provincial youth chair Kennedy Kamba on Tuesday over this same issue in the secretary general’s office,” Phiri said.

“I have witnessed the commotion the time I was going to the airport, politics will only change if a wrong is being committed and us as leaders we acknowledge and do something about it. This is the 21st century we cannot continue in doing the politics of savagery. As leaders let us learn to come out and condemn the violence, the way our youth have been moving on the road it is very embarrassing , they even insult people. People are abused verbally.”

And Phiri said she had learnt self-restraint from the time she was suspended from Parliament for three months after fighting with Elizabeth Chitika.

“Let me take you back, president Michael Sata himself fought in parliament in case you don’t know…it’s not new me myself I fought in that house with Honorable Elizabeth Chitika and these things have been happening there was another honorable member who was killed by a fellow member of parliament who used a stool to hit his friend so it depends and you know these politics is a learning process like now me I can’t fight because I learnt from that,” Phiri said.

“Yes sometimes you can be provoked but you have as a leader you have to be calm that’s what I learnt and you have to learn to tolerate even those who are violent for me now if someone followed me they wanted to fight with me I would run away and I would not lose anything from that.”

She said it was laughable that both Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo and expelled Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili reported each other to police when the matter would be handled by Parliament.

“And you know it is laughable for Honorable member who has been in the House for a long time to even take this matter to the police you start wondering are they politicking or they want to draw public sympathy because remember parliament is an entity on its own that forms three parts of government that is the legislature they have their own rules when you fight at Parliament, police has nothing to do with it. They will deal with it at Parliament,” said Phiri.


  1. PF cadres are the most indisciplined cadres. The behaviour of some PF senior 4party officials as well has the type of colonial mentality. One may wonder whether they have formed government or are still in the opposition they don’t have time to tame their unruly cadres. Words without proper action are as good as wasting time. Where people came into power through dubious means do you expect them to condemn any wrong or thuggery tendences among their members? What our dear sister Mumbi Phiri is saying is not ýwhat she doesn’t mean because barbarism in PF does not need to be brought to the attention of the senior party officials to be addressed. The senior party officials are the ones promoting violence, hate speech and condoning arnarch in Zambia. The Zambia Police Service has lost intellect to distingush wrong from right for fear of losing their jobs. If you commit any wrong or crime just tell the Zambia Police Force or Anti Corruption Commission that you belong to PF party and you will see how the toothless Zambia Police or ACC will freeze. The PF Government has totally destroyed the principle of the Separation of Power among the three Arms of Government . When the evil persons occupy positions of higher authority they automatically become blind and deaf to upholding integerity and promotion of the Rule of Law. Divergent views and critism is seen as undermining their authority and is punishable. It is just a matter of time evil is not external.

    Our dear President kindly do some thing most of those PF senior party officials and Cabinet Ministers surrounding you will be the first ones to condemn you and disassociate themselves from you once you leave power. Power is fixed and one day the injustice and criminal acts you are tolerating today will back fire on you.

  2. Hon Mumbi Phiri.
    You and late president Michael CHILUFYA Sata have something in common. And that is Hard outside and soft in side phenomenal . For someone who doesn’t know you might think you’re a hardened street fighter but alas you are as humble as a cucumber. Reference is over kambwilii issue which you handled very maturely.

  3. This is shocking ,this woman speaking like this ,or it’s Kambwili who has brought her into the right place were she belongs, after being told that she was using news papers , ever since she has became a good person , thanks Kambwili for redeeming some body.

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