President Edgar Lungu with 86-year-olds Mr Daniel Munkombwe (L) and Mr Matiya Ngalande after he had lunch with them at State House on Friday, 12th January, 2018.


Former Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has met President Edgar Lungu at state house to thank him for his evacuation to South Africa for medical treatment when he fell ill last year.


Mr. Munkombwe met the Head of State today and told journalists at state house that he remains indebted to President Lungu and the government of Zambia for saving his life when he was battling with an illness he did not disclose last year.


He noted that after serving in government for many years, he considers all Zambians as his relatives and finds what the President and government did for him as an honor.


Mr. Munkombwe who served in various government portfolios under all the republican presidents except President Lungu said he came to state house to show his gratefulness to the head of state for his gesture.


And Mr. Munkombwe encouraged politicians to be in harmony with each other despite having different viewpoints.


He said it was important for political leaders to get on well with each other even when they oppose one another on opinions.

Radio Chikuni



  1. Cholera is not politics Kampyongo ,H.H is talking about how you should fight this cholera no politicking understand H.H stop it go back to work people are loosing there lifes think before you open your mouth


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