My name is Loveness Mkandawire, I
am 48 and I live in Manyinga,North western Province.
I am a widow, my husband died a long time ago.He died when I was pregnant.He did not have a chance to see his only child.

After my daughter was born, I named her Chapusana, a Kaonde name given to the child born after the father’s death.

I used to love my husband very much and when he died I promised myself to never involve myself with another man.

Chapusana was very intelligent at school and despite struggling in life I made sure she went to school.
As you know most village girls drop out of school when they reach Puberty and are married off, but the story was different with my daughter, she loved school and she never used to entertain boys.
I was glad that my daughter chose the right path.

I used to work in people’s farms and the money I was paid, I made sure It all went towards her education.
My daughter wrote her grade seven exams and passed with flying colours.

She was accepted in grade 8 at Mukinge boarding school for girls in Kasempa,North western province.
I was happy when she left for secondary school, because I had so much hope that she was going to take care of me once she completed school.

All was well until in grade 8 term three when the school sent her back home after it was discovered that she was pregnant.

I felt betrayed, I could not understand why my daughter could do such a thing.
And the sad thing is that the Married man responsible for her pregnancy refused to have anything to do with her.

My daughter stayed at home till she gave birth to a baby girl
(the girl in a green and white attire), I named her daughter Luketekelo which means Faith.
My daughter stayed out of school for close to 2 years.I then advised her to repeat grade 8.
My cousin from Solwezi organised a place for her at Solwezi Day secondary school in Solwezi.
She left her child with me when she left for school and started living with my cousin in Mushitala in Solwezi.

She was at Solwezi day secondary school from grade 8 until she wrote her grade 12 exams in 2015 and got 8 points.

She applied at the University of Zambia’s School of medicine but was accepted in school of Education.
And when she was waiting to go to University Of Zambia, she again fell pregnant.
The man ( A truck Driver) who impregnated her was supportive and even assured me that he was going to marry her once she completes university.

But surprisingly when she delivered, the man disappeared and changed his contact details.
The man Mr Patrick Mubanga is based in Lusaka.

My daughter became depressed and on 15 th August, 2017, my daughter commited suicide,She took rat poison.
My daughter was suppose to be at the university this coming October.She was my only hope of survival in life but she decided to take her own life.
She left behind two kids.


  1. Touching story.There are many laws that we do not enforce like for example prosecuting these men who go round impregnating innocent girls and dont own up.Our parliament equally has been reduced to a political circus.When pipo are voted into office as MP if they belong to the ruling party there preoccupation is just supporting legislation that will ensure that they remain in power for as long as they possibly can,if they are from the opposition there preoccupation is fighting the ruling party,forgetting that as MP’s they have even more onerous duties to attend to.

  2. Your tears of pain is calling4 justice. Those 2men wil never ever be free.They may think they ar clever bt their cleverness wont last long.Remember’vergence is for God’. I feel sory4u Mum bt jst do the best U can4those inocent two children left behind. Believe U me,Jehova God is seein wat u ar going thru(pliz read1Peter5vs7)

  3. When I look at troubles that parents go through to raise us and many times even raising our own children as many a time we tend to have them before we could be ready to raise them. But when favour remember us, we tend to find our love in these pentecostal conmen and begin to curse and accuse our own parents of being witches. Shame on us. Mama God will uplift you through these same grandchildren. They will determine how deep your grave must go when time comes for you to join your ancestors.

  4. She deserves it. Self discipline and self control are vital in one’s life. She was busy opening up her thighs to every man that appeared and now she wants us to sympathise with her. Go and rest in hell sisy.

    • Calling a spade;a spade ati stoney hearted? Come on guys! Repent for failing to preach to wrong doers like yourselves. The bible is in black and white that the wages of SIN is DEATH and I shud go an extra mile of being falsely sharing in the sorrow. There are no two ways about it. Repent all of you throwing aspesions at me. That’s the way to go if you spare the rod and you end up spoiling the child. the bible is clear in Prov 22v6 ‘ Train the child in the way he should go and when he goes he shall not depart from it’. Check the way she has taken. Period. no two ways about it. Kusungila mwana pachinena ndiye uku. Repent for the kingdom of God is here.

    • I feel deeply sorry for the mother but calling a spade a spade, the daughter was very hardhearted and selfish at the same time. How do you repay your mother in such a cruel manner. Being a mother I know that the extent to which you can forgive your child is immeasurable. What an ungrateful daughter… At the end of the day, where’s the intelligence?

  5. This story made a sad reading. It’s also a lesson to the young ones. Yes we make mistakes in life but, repeating similar mistakes means lessons from the past incidents had no impact in her life. Worse still, why commit one’s own Life? Look what she has put her mother into. Who will take care of those Children? Yes we can say God will be by her side but, it’s not easy. Lessons learnt. Our past mistakes are enough to makes us change for the better.

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