My Name is Regina susu Banda.

I live in Msisi Compound in Lusaka.

I was once happily married and God blessed me with Six Children (Five have since died).
My husband, the children and I used to live at the village in Petauke in Eastern Province.

My husband was a very responsible and successful farmer, he always made sure that the children and I never lacked anything.
As usual village people used to accuse him of practicing witchcraft and being behind deaths that occurred in the village.

The accusations started after our children started dying one by one.
I lost my five children within a period of five years and this led people to start accusing him of killing our children using black Magic.
They accused him of putting their souls in his maize fields.

There was a woman in the village who died when she was giving birth,the entire village accused my husband of being behind her death.
The accusations made my husband sad,he ended up committing suicide by hanging himself.
He used his belt to end his own life.

When my husband killed himself,rumors started spreading that the father of the dead girl went to Zaire
( now Congo Dr) to see a powerful witch-doctor.
The witch-doctor then asked the father of the deceased girl to buy a belt and did some rituals to the belt and assured him that the person behind his daughter’s death will commit suicide using a belt.
The rumors were so strong such that people believed them.

My husband’s funeral was shunned by everyone,including his relatives.Only a few people attended his burial.

After my husband’s death in 1987,the only relative I remained with was my last born daughter Gertrude who was born in 1980.

My daughter and I then relocated to Lusaka in 1988 because I could not stand the Ill-treatment from the villagers.
I managed to find a room in Msisi compound and that is where I have been living since.
I then started doing a small business of selling Tu Pamela
( Mealie meal), charcoal, vegetables and cooking oil at home.

I built a small makeshift shop commonly known as kantemba in front of the house.
And on Wednesdays and Fridays I used to do piece works of sweeping the roads in town.
I was assigned to sweep Cairo road together with a group of other women.

I managed to educate my daughter till she completed school and went to Evelyn Hone college to study Pharmacy.

And after her studies my daughter was employed in government.
My daughter then suggested that we move to a bigger house but I refused and advised her to first raise enough money and build her own house. 
She did as advised and all was well.

God then blessed her with a Man and the two got Married in 2011.
Problems started in 2015 when my daughter left the Catholic church to join a prophetic church.
She could not conceive so her friend advised her to join her church where she was told that I am the reason why she can not have children.
The prophet told her that I have tied her womb and that I have a shrine in the village which i visit every night using demonic powers to perform rituals.
He also told her that I was on the verge of killing her.

My daughter got convinced and was made to believe that I am the reason why she can not conceive.
After the prophesy my daughter went quite on me, it was un-usual of her because she always called to check on me.
I became worried when a week elapsed without hearing from her, so I decided to pay her a visit one Saturday morning at her place in Libala stage three.

Surprisingly when I reached her place she chased me like a dog, calling me a witch, she told me never to go to her place again.
She then went inside her house and got some oil in a small bottle (Anoiting oil) and started applying it on me while casting demons out of me.
Her shouts attracted a lot of people and I was nearly beaten by a mob.People started shouting infwiti! Infwiti! 
It was so embarrassing and humiliating.

I tried to make peace with her after that incident but in vain.
Up to-date, she has maintained that she has no mother and still calls me a witch.

It is disheartening to know that my daughter has been brainwashed.Here is a child I raised and made sure she got educated. 
The biggest fear of all parents is to see their children’s lives wasted away and honestly Why would I want to destroy something I helped build?

I have not seen her for two years now.I pray that one day she will know the truth and realize that I love her and that I am innocent of her accusations.


  1. Old woman if there’s anything you know about all those accusations plz confess to her and untie her be4 u die like a stray dog we are deeply touched by the development but if you have a hand in her sad story u deserve a very stiff punishment it’s true some parents have that devilish acts to their children.

    • Mr Clement Armitage Malambo, My brother I find difficult to believe that you can support such fake prophesy. What Kind of a Mother can do a thing to her only surviving child, Her only hope of survival.

    • Mr Clement as a man you give good advise otherwise you can fall in the same situation. These prophets mushrooming our country are magicians or witch doctors. That prophet if he had powers to see that the mother bewitched then he can also have powers to pray for lady and reserve everything. Sorry to say this pipo are being brainwashed by these so called prophets of doom those will ears they should hear and see. The Holy Bible is so clear my brother. That woman fault to hard to educate her and thisz what you can do to your mother. She’s cursing herself and she’s not going to be happy without her mother in her life. A man of God can’t bring confusion between the daughter and mother is supposed to bring harmony between them. These are the questions we should be asking ourselves. If you seek these magician’s help you will told what you want to hear period. That’s my take the mother is innocent and she better reconcile with her before she dies otherwise she will regret it for the rest of her life. This life is KARMA even her own children will come and treat her the same. What goes round must come round

  2. God ll one day answer you mother believe him and he ll surely not fail if u re for u my sister seek genuine salvation earnestly to God and he ll surely meet your needs n solve your problems for he is a great repairer of unfruteful marriages n broken homes( 1samuel 1v1-last) try this true God of hana not those false prophets who re just sucking your money n latter bring devisions,but the mighty God of heaven is not God of confusion but of peace n joy (Isaiah 9v1-6) but as for u socalled man of God repent 1Joh1v9-11.

  3. Sorry about that! Notice what Proverbs 1:8 says:”Listen, my son(daughter inclusive), to the discipline of your father, And don’t forsake the instruction of your mother.” Notice “the instruction of your mother” meaning a mother should be listened to and be respected by her children! It’s God’s command. Also Pr 20:11. Additionally, the bible also cautions us to watch out for ‘false prophets’ at Mathew 7:15-24.’

  4. God is in control mum,one day she will come to her senses. Keep on praying for her as you pray for your self. There is nothing permanent under the sun mum. It’s indeed a disheartening discourse.

  5. My daughter in the first place that devil you call poster doesn’t know what your mother went through to made you how you are now that’s why is telling you all that nosense and don’t forget that you cutting your mother’s life short so please my daughter this is the time to go and comfess before you go and confess on her grave.

  6. too bad …. How i wish i knew her i could remove that demon using her,but never the less commit everything in the hands of the lord God almight.the problem is these so-called (devils)man of god who were the witch finders at one point and they left those utulubi because pipo nowadays they dont go ku nganga so they have invaded in churches with the same ideology of bu nganga mama God will jesus name.

  7. Sad development. The prophecy is questionable. The prophet must offer solution to the two. The labor of the old lady is no more than this. Seeing u grow,go to school,have desert job then you support her. If take things in your own way you will curse yourself.The battle is for God.

  8. Please mind the comments you post as it can increase the tensions in the family this old lady needs care and help. Please if there is any any one who knows were she stays kindly notify me

  9. Aahh fake prophet God is behind you very soon the thunder will distroy u mama sorry you have passed through hell just pray over it the God we pray will never die am sure those pipo from the village heard that your dota is now doin well so they caused all these

  10. Indeed sad story, but my advise is God knows everything about you mama either being a wizard or not. Our God is of possibilities be strong in prayers and surely one day the truth will be known. Be blessed

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