“I’ am confused and I need advice. I was with my boyfriend and when I was using his phone I came across this messages I have attached.”

“From the messages it’s clear my boyfriend is cheating on me with a married woman and the two have a sexual relationship.”

She even know Iam the Fiancé but in their text she calls me “ka girlfriend kako “

“I confronted him and he said no they just flirt like that he has not done anything with her. Am so upset right now I just left him.”

“Please advice should I expose this woman? Because her husband deserves to know the bitch he is keeping destroying other relations? or I just leave my boyfriend and forget about him because this man has made me so upset? He has been calling me and am just ignoring his calls.”



  1. Expose them and then dump you’re boyfriend . check the woman’s husband if he is rich and hook up with him.make the woman feel the pain as well


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