Dear Editor,

I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 8-9 months and everything between us was pretty smooth until recently. I have always loved her very much and I have no doubts in terms of her loyalty and love for me. We shared about our past relationships and were quite comfortable with each other ever since we started going out.

We then took our relationship to the next level at a certain point by being intimate with each other. I was particularly awestruck by the oral s*x I had with her, so much so that I ended up asking her how she got so good at it. She told me that it was because of her learning that came from watching adult movies, which somehow I didn’t find very convincing. I asked her again the next time we had oral s*x and she finally confessed about a few times in the past where she has had a similar experience with her ex.

Ever since she told me this, I have not been able to have a good time with her, both emotionally and physically. I have mixed feelings about her past life now and I’m unable to forget about the physical part she shared with me. Sometimes it gets worse to an extent that I think of her as an easy going girl. It bothers me a lot because regardless of all this I still love her.

Please help me resolve this issue as I really like her a lot and don’t want to jeopardise our relationship because of such thoughts. – By Anonymous


  1. Don’t ever open those archives whenever in a relationship. As men whenever we come to know the past sexual life of our partners its gravely disheartening and disgusting such that it will keep on ringing in mind. It reduces love and brings hate.

  2. Who asked for sex in the first place bn you n her? I believe it’s you. So what about your past sex life? Are you not worried about it or maybe you’re very perfect.

    • exactly! you are spot on my man…..he is still young because when you are young you feel like you must be the first one to screw her but when you grow you up and start cheating on her it becomes very normal, actually you don’t even bother about your side chick’s past sex life.

  3. First sex before marriage is a sin,why hav u been asking her such questions?And u have sex with others that’s why u saw a new style,so in the Hotel we just eat we don’t ask the one who prepare that who teach you how to cook

  4. In a relationship never ask about the past. U dated how many guys or bla bla ….even for u to ask oral sex u had experience somewhere else be fair ma guy. The best never ask her again . Try to forget more over u didn’t find her a V.

  5. The #fact that she’s an easy gower, the #truth is that you both doesn’t have #principles.

    At least she told you the truth and at last you got what you longed for, what else do you want when you both embrace defiling your bodies.
    Am sure you won’t confess you never know sex outside marriage #SIN?

  6. If she had told u earlier b4 u two had sex that she was good at it, u would have been behaving differently, in fact u would have been like hmmmm boza… nipase naine tiwone

  7. wrong question you asked . its has bad has comparing your partner who was rapped about who is good when having sex . it was foolish of to ask . something are better left unknown .

  8. If u have a swimming pool just swim in it minus asking the one who had swimmed before or the one who is swimming in it at that time just swim and enjoj yo swimming never mind abount the past there are alot of swimmers

  9. You are exhibiting a lot of immaturity Mr. .In the first place you were sharing your past love experiences ,a topic which I want to believe you initiated yourself,and she was honest and open enough to tell you as to how and where she crafted her skills from.

    Come on man,everybody including you has a past but the focus must be on the present and the road forward. Even for you to get “awestruck” and grade her performance as good in the area you’ve mentioned means is an indication that you’ve also experienced it before from your ex if not ex’s.
    How would you have handled it had it been her feeling the way you are feeling?. The issue is not about your girl but it’s a feeling of jealous and posessiveness that has gripped you and you feel that you should have been the first and only reciepient of your girl’s expertise.

    My advice to you is accept the reality that people have pasts,secondly bury the past and leave where it belongs .. in the past..and most importantly now that she is yours consider yourself fortunate that you now own her.

  10. So what do you want since you wanted the truth and she gave you truth. Please if you know you can’t handle the truth don’t ask too much. Leave her others will get her

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  12. Why do you want to know about her past? Leave it behind and getting moving, once you do your HIV tests if by grace of God he/she is okay that’s enough to clear your interest in her history

  13. You are lunatic.You demanded for the truth of which she did and now ati eeeeeh just continue enjoying,its all yours makaka.

  14. Every person has got a past experience and that includes you in the first place. Maybe to honest no one is single. So even if u feel troubled about her past, it s becoz of yo childish manners. All men and women around this planet are just leftovers by others and that does not spare u. So do u get some sense from this nosense. When u r in love with someone be ready to swallow their past and start your own future. I can not blame her bcoz she was just trying to be honest to you. Jst be a man enough and satisfy her my man. Women of nowadays are very advanced lol. She s not the only one. Even where you will go nothing will change, jst stick with her.

  15. How about you where did you get the experience of doing Oral sex? Don’t you think she also have those feelings of not being comfortable when she sees you doing that act with experience? Everyone has got a PAST my dear, just build on what you have now and forget about the past.

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  17. Bro,she’s a honesty girl and she told you the truth it would be bad if she cheats on you now, bury the past and start building on the future, its very rare to marry a virgin nowadays most men and women have tasted the the fruit before….

  18. What u shud understand is that, your part in her life began the time you started going out with her. What ever happened before u can to know her was not in your time and never blame her for that. The best u can do is to teach her a good way of living so that she can not go back in such dirty acts. But it’s unfortunate that u have also started abusing her the same way the old guy used to do. Oral sex is not good for your mental health.

  19. What type of a lady do you want Mr Man she went to the extrems trying to make you happy but still you dont want leave ha soon the men have gotten the story already she wont last a minute belive me. Shes hot .

  20. What type of a lady do you want Mr Man she went to the extrems trying to make you happy but still you dont want leave ha soon the men have gotten the story already she wont last a minute belive me. Shes hot .

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  23. Comment:The past is nothing bt what she is doing now when u ar one matters most,all of us hv past,enjoy her my bro,I don’t like boring women during sexual intercouse.

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