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THERE was laughter in a Local Court in Lusaka when a man said that his wife is fond of pulling his manhood when he is sleeping and that at one time he fainted.

This was heard in Kanyama Local Court in a case in which Gift Mboloma, 53, of Chisamba sued his wife, Janet Chitalu, 44, of Kanyama compound for divorce after going on separation for eleven months.

The two got married in 2008 and have two children.

Mboloma told Senior Court Magistrates Abbyshine Michelo and Esther Mulomba that problems started in 2013 when Chitalu started pulling his manhood while he was sleeping.

He explained that Chitalu would insult him and lock him outside the house.

Mboloma further said that the other time when he was asleep he was shocked to find blood flowing from his manhood.

“From that time I started sleeping in clothes in the sitting room, Chitalu later apologised and we reconciled but she started again and it became worse because the other day I fainted and was rushed to the hospital,’’ said Mboloma.

Mboloma said that he found it difficult to stay with Chitalu and that he left matrimonial home for fear of his life and has since married another woman.

In defence, Chitalu said that problems started in 2013 when Mboloma started going to Siavonga for work but later she found photos of his girlfriend.

She explained that in 2014 Mboloma started looking for ways to leave her because he complained that she pulled his manhood.

“How can I pull Mboloma’s manhood because the manhood is the reason I left my parents. In 2016 after a woman called Mboloma, he left nshima and came after three days, I was shocked to find that his pubic hair was shaved,’’ said Chitalu.

Chitalu said that after she told elders that Mboloma’s pubic hair was shaved, he became upset and started sleeping in clothes.

Chitalu said that she did not want to divorce Mboloma because he had infected her with HIV and that there was no other man who can marry her now.

Chitalu wondered how they have a child born in 2015 if she was pulling his manhood.

The court said that there was nothing showing that they are married because they separated for eleven months and Mboloma married another woman.

The court said that Mboloma’s reasons were not real that Chitalu pulled his manhood while sleeping.

The court granted divorce ordering Mboloma to compensate Chitalu with K7000, with initial payment of K1000 followed by monthly instalments of K500 to be pay a monthly maintenance fee of K700 for children.



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