Ndola hospital bans cellphones at work

Ndola Teaching Hospital senior medical superintendent Alex Mukupe said the ban was aimed at improving service delivery.
He said this on Saturday when Ndola Central member of parliament Emmanuel Mulenga and some churches conducted a clean up exercise at the hospital.
“We have banned the use of cellphones so that we improve service delivery to our people. We think most of our staff spend most of their time on phones. This is not what we want to see. So no more cell phones and headsets within the hospital,” Dr Mukupe said.
He said health delivery to the people was key for national development.
Dr Mukupe said management would take serious action against any member of staff that would be found wanting.
And Mulenga said cleanliness helped to improve the conditions of the patients.
“We are here to give a service to the community. This is what we want to give to our friends here. Let us clean this institution so that we give a new breath to our hospital,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mulenga said there was a lot of beer drinking among the youth due to lack of skills centers.
Handing over a Youth Friendly Center later at Chipulukusu Clinic, Mulenga said youths needed to be given skills which they could use to sustain their lives.
“Today, we have a challenge of youths engaging in beer drinking. This should be changed. Our youths need to stop and be productive. Drug abuse is also high here. This center will help the youths,” said Mulenga.


  1. Very bad idea to ban cell phones. These staff members have lives and families beyond work. How do they get contacted in case of an emergence? Should they just be expected to look after other people and neglect their own families? Ndola Central Hosp Management, please re-think this. Manage but dont ban the use of phones.

  2. This is a good move, it pains me to see doctors busy with their cells phones instead of attending to patients. You will see them talking and laughing with someone on the other end. All workers, doctors included, have break time for a cup of tea or smoke, for those who smoke. If there is any emergency from their family members, the message can be get to the doctor through the switch board. I have seen female doctors with their hand bags hanging on their shoulders while attending to patients, this does not show seriousness on the part of the doctor. Doctors are the elite in society and must behave in a certain way, not to be hooked on whatsapp.

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