IN a surprise turn of events, Nevers Mumba has u-turned, refocusing his energies on his “Zambia Shall be Saved” programme that was widely televised under the guise of his Victory Ministries Church International.

This time round “Zambia Shall be Saved” is aimed at interrogating the faith of believers and how it can bring Zambia into a place of fulfilling her status as a Christian nation.

Dr. Mumba, leader of an MMD splinter group, said the re-launch of “Zambia Shall be Saved” that was launched in Kitwe on Saturday was not a platform for any opinions that contradicted the authority and the order of God.

This came to light when the once tele-evangelist was featured on Hot FM’s Z 6-6 programme on Saturday.

Dr Mumba scoffed at wide assertions that he resigned from active politics to go back to the pulpit, saying he had not defrocked himself from the church.

“I have never left the pulpit but this does not mean in any way that it is a separation from me doing my political activities.

“In the same manner God called me into the ministry of the word of God, he called me into the political arena. I am not living the presidency of MMD. I am not living the plans for the future in the political arena that continues and there will be a lot of activities this year on the political side,” Dr Mumba said.

He said there was a lot of media and political statements about “Zambia shall be saved” basing it on political perceptions.

He said he took some time explaining during the meeting about his calling and defining his mission from the day God called him into ministry and how he had transitioned into the political process.

Dr. Mumba said people must know that he was doing both ministry and politics adding that the “Zambian shall be saved” meetings would deal with the challenges that the country was going through and giving biblical positions on how they could proceed to line up with the proclaimed Christian nation status.


  1. Well done to go back to preaching Pastor Mumba. That is your true calling and not politics because God is not the author of confusion; He cannot call you as a pastor at the same time as a politician. Some Pastors tend to misinterpret the Bible. Even in the Old Testament of the Bible, there were prophets like Jeremiah but there was also a king called Zedekiah; there was a prophet Isaiah but there was also a king called Uzaiah, etc. each one in his own calling. Even American Pastors like Billy Graham, Ernest Angley etc have always focused on preaching the gospel, advising the government and even praying for those in authority (1Timothy 1:8). I remember how you preached on Zambia Shall be Saved programme on TV many years ago and I became born again. Please get back on your duty.


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