Nevers Mumba To Get Arrested Again For Calling Lungu “Zambia’s Biggest Army Worm Invading Development”

Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba
Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba

Edgar Chakolwa Lungu has instructed his PF police to arrest MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba for calling him the biggest army worm that has failed to provide economic solutions to Zambia other than drinking beer like a pregnant ostrich that has chanced a tiny ditch of water in Kalahari desert.

Earlier today, thousands of Police surrounded Magistrate courts where Nevers Mumba was appearing for a useless case of criminal trespass on ZNBC.

Currently, PF police are said to be strategizing on how they will arrest Nevers Mumba before midnight to night.

Zambian Eagle is reliably informed that Lungu has devised a mechanism for suppressing citizens including Journalists especially those in the private Media.

Zambian Eagle has been informed that even private individuals will be arrested in the process of what Lungu and Kaiser Zulu are calling cleansing of any opposing view.

So far local Politicians and Journalists have been listed for arrests in trumped up charges.

Zambian Eagle will soon release a list of some of the Political leaders and Journalists to be arrested.



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