By Saleya Kwalombota
Information received through mukwai (whose real identity is withheld for security reasons) and echoed by Induna (identity withheld) at Namuso indicates that Ngambela Nyambe Mwenda who was recently installed as premier or Ngambela of Barotseland is likely to resign from the position following a number of issues he claimed have been at variance with Lozi culture and custom. Hon. Nyambe Mwenda has further expressed his shock in the manner the Litunga Edwin Imwiko Lubosi is meddling with the affairs of governance of the entire kingdom. More especially his disregard of the 2012 Pizo resolutions which voted for independence of the kingdom from the republic of Zambia.


Should Ngambela Nyambe Mweenda resign according to the information received, the action will vindicate Barotseland civil societies and senior citizens who openly disassociated themselves from Litunga Lubosi’s handpicked person to the position of Ngambela as violating with impunity the old age democratic governance system of Barotseland including culture, tradition and custom.


The position of the Ngambela is usually elected via the Katengo and in its absence, the National Council as was done during the installation of the legitimate Ngambela Clement Wainyae Sinyinda. It’s through an Electoral College system people ascend to the Ngambelaship and indeed to Indunaship as well as Litungaship. The only exception is the position of Likombwa (Litunga’s stewards) and Mabutu (Litunga’s errand personnel) where the Litunga has leverage. The Litunga, therefore, does not hold authority nor mandate to appoint a Ngambela or indeed any Induna outside the established due process. Therefore, anybody appointed directly by the Litunga, notwithstanding whatever title, is nothing but a Sikombwa.
Further, traditionally, when the position of Ngambela is vacant, the Ngambela of Libonda takes over until such a time that the Electoral College picks someone to ascend to the Ngambelaship, unfortunately, the position was also vacant at the time!


“Ngambela ” Nyambe Mweenda was Induna Mukulwakashiko before he was hand picked for the position of Ngambela by the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko.
Nyambe Mweenda is also closely related to Edwin by marriage which clearly proves the appointment as family based and totally in violation with the credentials for the person to hold the office.
People may remember that during his coliso he was urged to foster peace and harmony in order to unit all the people of Barotseland . He was further warned of disciplinary action should he choose to associate with civil rights leaders who advocate for the implementation of 2012 BNC resolutions.


The aforementioned statements during the coliso of Ngambela Nyambe Mweenda were a disgrace to many Lozis. It is unprecedented too, in the monarchical system for the Litunga to install his relatives and friends, such as follows: Nyambe Mwenda as Ngambela; Mukelabai Mukenani as Imbwae; Sepiso as Akashambatwa; Mulele as Kanda; Aketata Batunda as Katema; Tai as Mubonda and Kangeya Nalishuwa as Mwinanene.In the first place, the role of Ngambela is to be in charge of administration and managing political agendas and affairs of the kingdom as a sovereign nation. The issues pertaining to the resolutions of 2012 BNC are political in nature and there is no way Ngambela could foster peace in the absence of mingling with the civil rights groups to foster peace notwithstanding the none implementation of the resolutions. In the second position, Ngambela oversees protection of the interest of the nation against the interest of the reigning Litunga as he bears a channel between the people and the royal households.

Finally, should Nyambe Mweenda resign , the action will accord him credit and respect because his ascendancy was at variance with the procedural dictates . In addition, traditionally, former Ngambela Clement Wanyai Sinyinda is still the legitimate holder of the position since he has never tendered the instruments of power. In this case, the people of Barotseland should dissociate themselves from the promulgations, if at all, done by mulonga through Ngambela Nyambe Mweenda.
Bulozi fasi la bo ndata Luna



  1. Well these are traditional issues which are in-house. However my advice to the Litunga is that he should drop the slave name of Edwin. Never in the lozi tradition has a Prince or Princess known by those slave names being used by most people.

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