Substitute Alexander Iwobi score a second half goal to book Nigeria a place at the Russia World Cup with a 1-0 victory over Zambia in Uyo.

Zambians will, however, cry foul for a crucial decision that ruled Augustine Mulenga’s first half goal offiside.

The Nigerians move to 13 points with a game to spare while second placed Zambia is stuck on seven points.

Chipolopolo will now be looking to building on a young side for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.


  1. The current Zambian national team is superb and promising. However it is sad to note that Politics has appeared to penetrate the Sporting fraternity. The absence of Kalaba and Mbesuma was evidentently visible. Kalaba is unquestionable in the flanks while No 10 jersey requires a goal hungry monster who is hefty to harangue any defence and that is in Mbesuma. Nevertheless the World has seen the potential in the Zambian players. Listen to supporters for advice. Don’t live everything to the technical bench. The training should also be divided into two parts all home grown instead of depending on expatriates. Trainers should include ,for goal keepers and the defence, the midfielders and strikers. This will make the work of the overall manager much easier. Depending on expatriates is not only expensive but restricts glooming local trainers to excel. It is however a blessing in disguise that the team could not qualify to the World cup because maintaining it at that level with the current thieving culture in the country could have made it almost impossible. Otherwise well done boys,the budget could not have supported you due to corruption which continue to spread like wild fire.

  2. Danny,I agree with you.Actually Ngo’nga is a ngon’ga.If you investigate you will find his true connection. In the field he forgets that he is a striker. How can a striker kick the ball high 10 meters from the goal Posts.Aaaa please.

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