Hakainde Hichilema writes below…

This morning I and my wife Mutinta were part of the congregation at Kafue Estates SDA church in Kafue District.

We were accompanied by Kafue MP Hon. Mirriam Chonya, Kapiri Mposhi MP Hon. Stanley Kakubo, Zambezi East MP Hon. Brian Kambita, Kafue Council Chairperson Mr. Zulu, former Kafue MP and Lusaka Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta.

We are always refreshed being part of the brethren seeking guidance and wisdom from the Almighty, God who gives us life.

Key in the message today was on “vengeance” as our almighty God through the pastor reminded us that vengeance belongs to him.

Therefore, brothers and sisters no matter how you can be provoked, do not revenge but leave that to God.


We thank the Kafue Estates SDA church for the wonderful reception and great messages they preached for us.

God Bless you,





  1. I am simply humbled – God is truly with His people – Jesuits please give us a breather . Let HH run this country for few years and support him . We are tired of this mediocrity . HH could be sda , but I believe he will accommodate every religious group , including the church of our forefathers , ” “””””””” . Please give him a chance – we are tired almost at breaking point . Amen churches .


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