A married woman of Lusaka’s Mandevu Township told the court how a one night stand with another man left her pregnant.

Tasiyani Sichinga, 40, told the local court that she never knew the man who was responsible for her four months pregnancy because she only saw him once.

This is a case in which Christopher Sichinga, 42, sued Tasiyani for divorce after she refused to disclose the man responsible for her pregnancy.

Tasiyani told the court that she never knew where the man who slept with her stayed nor his relatives, therefore, her husband should stop bothering her.

“I have explained to my husband that I only met the man once and I don’t have his contact nor do I know where he stays or works,” he said.

She explained that her husband was failing to perform in bed which drove her to having sex with another man.

In his statement, Sichinga insisted that he wanted his wife to disclose the name of the man who made her pregnant.

He said he had on several occasions warned his wife against drinking alcohol but she never heeded his advice.

Sichinga said whenever his wife got drunk, she used to offer herself to any man who showed interest in her.

He added that he was sure that the pregnancy his wife was carrying was not his because the two had not had sex for the past four months.

“Am not ready to reconcile with my wife but before you grant us divorce I want her to tell me who is responsible for her pregnancy,” he said.

Facts before the court were that Sichinga and Tasiyani got married in 2013 and have been on separation since August this year.

The court granted the two divorce upon the woman’s own admission that she was indeed impregnated by another man.

The court ordered the woman to pay her husband K20,000 as compensation for being impregnated by another man.