Today, the nation at large, Our Alliance partners and our party the MMD have been treated to a desperately constructed media story purported to have been sourced from an anonymous source about Dr Mumba and the MMD abandoning our Alliance partner the UPND.

The so called anonymous source is in fact not that anonymous. This is generally the work of the Mutati faction and most particularly one Raphael Nakachinda, whose only preoccupation hitherto has been to protect their space with the PF while they use it to prop themselves up.

It is no secret going by what has been said in the so called mobilisation led by Nakachinda that all is not well in their alliance with their partners the Patriotic Front – PF. We can not be drawn into their fallout. We have nothing to do with the distrust that they are experiencing as evidenced by the demonstrations against Hon Mutati by PF members.

They are their own architects of trouble. A quick scan of the statements from your mobilisation exercise reviews it all. Mutati has made some money as Minister of Finance, and is now feeling ready to establish himself apart from the PF. Using that same money, he has now sent his Stewarts led by Nakachinda to mobilise for him and tell whosoever they meet that President Lungu and the PF have failed to govern and that they, the Mutati faction can provide the answers. An example of this is in the recent Mast copy in which a purported chairlady of their party one Maggie Musonda is explicitly quoted as saying, “The PF have failed…and us, as the Mutati faction, should prepare ourselves to take over.”

The misguided media statement claims that the MMD president met Hon Mwale in a bid to work with the PF. This is indeed laughable. Hon Mwale and Dr Mumba have a relationship that spans nearly 20 years now and regularly meet outside of political engagements. And yes Dr Mumba meets so many other people.

The MMD is in an alliance with the UPND and our Alliance remains very strong. Our partners know just how committed we all are to our working relationship. Unlike them, ours is an alliance that was done publicly and when the day comes (if needs be), to disengage, the nation will be informed.

We urge Mr Nakachinda to concentrate on his benefit while it lasts. The thing about being a dishonest person is that sooner rather than later you get back to your ways, (uwakalema). Now you want more than you have been accorded. You want to unseat your hosts the Patriotic Front using their own goodwill towards you. Do not be too sure that they don’t hear you boast about how you have the ministry of money and are connected to Hon Kampyongo for government contracts.

On our part, we shall surely make you account for how you have attempted to destabilize the MMD. The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind indeed. We remain firmly focused on the legal process and we shall not be sidetracked by your side shows.

Elizabeth Chitika
National Secretary


  1. Raphael Nakachinda,the Chimbokaila jail-bird.The legal MMD has never had a Party National Secretary who was once a Jail-bird.No wonder this RB/MUTATI PROJECT is coming to the crushing end.The TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS OVER EVIL & LIES.

  2. Only evil minded people can support this RB evil concieved e outfit.You saw even at their Kabwe gathering clad in FB legalia and at the recent funeral of the late Mr Sikazwe.These RB ‘disciple’ have no shame.Raphael Nakachinda is a ‘KEEPING UP APPEARANCES” person.He likes the lime light and lives beyond his means as ‘pastor’ of Bethel Church in Kafue under Bishop Mwrnda.I Which i doubt if indeed he is still pastoring.Because his moral spiritual standing is very questionable-Supporting non-MMD Member(expelled Mutati and retired RB as MMD President-what a ‘pastor’.


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