Dear Zambian Observer Editor

Good morning, I write to you this morning as a concerned student of ridgeway campus. We have been living in unbearable conditions while administration does nothing about it. Blocked showers, sinks and toilets. Our fees keep going high but we do not see where the money goes. We are paying K26 000 per year but our showers have mould in them.

I write to you as an anonymous source asking you to write an article on our behalf. Am sure once they see the story in the paper they will act quickly.

People are getting fungal infections and we pay medical fees every year but we have no scheme at UTH anymore because the school hasn’t been paying medical bills, so where does the money go? Even we would like to know. I am ready to provide pictures over the same if that is what it will take for government and the school to clean up our hostel (Nkomeshya).  We have been living like this for over a year now. We pay for maintenance fees as well but every time a socket burns or a door handle breaks we have to replace it with our own money, then what is our maintenance fee for?

This school trains environmental health professionals but why don’t the specialists out there ever come to inspect the school isn’t that there job? The conditions here unbearable. The grass around the school breeds mosquitoes when we complain they wait until it is 2 meters high before they can cut it.

We need help… Please help us

I am attaching a pictures of the dirt and the skin conditions that are developing as a result.


  1. Ironically it may be a “baptism by fire” alerting the students to the likely infection threat awaiting them in their chosen profession of medical service provision to a highly infected zambia (morally, physically, spiritually and financially). UNZA medical students at ridgeway campus are almost always at UTH which has its own unique “infectious smell” especially at the E-Block which stream of air heads towards the very public cafeteria just when you want to eat something after a lengthy visit to the institution to put back some energy lost standing in those long queues at the various clinics. And to thank you for employing them, your politicians go and budget K2m on a worthless consultation to needlessly “quit” membership of the ICC. Despite having an “army” of cleaners on govt payroll UTH has corruptly gone on to sub-contract private cleaning companies run by the hospital management’s proxies. This is a matter Chitalu Chilufya should not “dance around” but nip in the bud.

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