Petersen Zagaze


By Staff Reporter

CONTROVERSIAL artist Petersen Zagaze who is now a full member of People Alliance for Change (PAC) has taken jibes against discarded MMD president Nevers Mumba as well as Chishimba Kambwili, the proclaimed consultant of the new established party National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Petersen describes Nevers Mumba as a camp hoper and a party pooper.

“I remember once upon a time there was a very powerful man, his personality and reputation was that of a social god. Zambian christians, the government and the entire media held him with high esteem. When his tongue moved, souls manifested the holy spirit and masses spoke in tongues, the lost got delivered, the non believers new the almighty and arguably we all looked forward to the so much proclaimed ‘salvation of Zambia’,” he says, in apparent reference to Nevers Mumba.

Petersen says Nevers Mumba formed a political party, spoke multitudes of sweet promises, gained a respectable following adding that things moved calmly stable and politically well for a while untill the former MMD president was challenged to taste his desire for power or public office.

” A vice President job made him forget his dream of being ‘the President’ of the Republic; he dismantled his own party structures, dissolved the it’s existence, buried the dream, selfishly parked his own bags and left for the plot opposite Chrismar Hotel abandoning all his followers, sympathizers and supporters stranded,” Petersen says.

He further says:

“But alas, his seemingly well speaking tongue allowed his government well cooked food eating mouth to speak more than its allowed and made Mwanawasa ‘The Wall’ reverse his reasoning and thought Lupando Mwape could do a better job. Being on record as the shortest serving Zambia vice president (hired and fired within but less than 7 months)”

And Petersen says Nevers Mumba’s unreliable character by then was proven when he accepted to sink lower than a presidential material forsaking even his own personal presidential dream by accepting to serve as an ambassador.

“Reputation and Credibility left in total disruption.Today as I write this he is a mare ‘camp hopper’ and a confused ‘party pooper’,” he says.

And Petersen says there is another one trying to go that direction, with green blood, switching trees camps by default not by desire or ambition, this is in apparent reference to Chishimba Kambwili who has decided to form his own party NDC after he was expelled from PF.

” Trying to survive it is, it can’t be mistaken for desires of public or national service,” he says.

And Petersen says decisions of today, affect future perceptions around an individual.

“To this fact l will never forget what kind of a person Mulongoti turns into when in public office, his reign alongside the late Tetamashimba was not something to desire. I will not forget Winter Kabimba too, what goes around comes around. As for Kambwili, it’s time to realize that a coin has two sides,” he says.

He labels National Democratic Congress (NDC) as a Non Communicable Disease and Nuclear Destruction Combo.

“Nifelize Shaa! Is it time to go look for new party regalia NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases) or NDC (Nuclear Destruction Combo)”


  1. I have said it exactly the way Petersen put it . NDC is nothing other than that interpretation . I wonder why our nationals ( Zambians ) never learn ? Muliokela came , and he had a large following . ?Does any know that mr muliokela gets more spot-light than any of us ? And now – NDC .. Alas ! we are a bewitched nation . These are former , “so called PF Generals on The Copperbelt ?”Riffraffs of all kinds – and today these men have some recognition ? Zambians wake up from your deep sleep , I personally refuse to slumber no more . I invite many to sleep no more .

  2. How can I join NDC when it’s leader is saying he’s a consultant. He’s not proud of it, it’s a plan B for him. Parties have come with much much bigger impact than NDC but where are they? What is the manifesto of NDC? What is its driving core issues? NDC is headed for failure as it does not have an agenda for the masses. It’s a party with no direction


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