There is this PF Radio caller called Elvis who calls radio stations everyday. So today, as usual, ba Elvis called and gave his opinion on the fuel increase:

“The opposition is very misguided, they think that if they influence fuel price increase Zambians will suffer and vote his Excellency out of power.

We know that international fuel prices are controlled by free masons, and we know that some opposition leader is a member of freemasons. They are mistaken, the people of Zambia will not be affected by this fuel price increase, majority Zambians don’t drive or own cars, so if they want they can even increase fuel to K100 per litter but Zambians will not be affected because we don’t own cars.

It’s only the UPND who will be affected because it’s a party for rich people who own 3 or more cars. So Zambians should not panic, this fuel increase will not affect them. Even in 2021 the people of Zambia know that only President Edgar Chagwa Lungu mean well for this country. Thank you moderator”


  1. Hehehe funny how can an opposition party control fuel prices then who is ruling. In fact the President has said his Saudi deal will drop the price. So where is the opposition in all this. Just like Pf is a peoples party Upnd is also 4 people so are all free masons. Then what proof Dp you have that hh is free mason. Stop it please bring issues not rumours.

    Then the man does not know economics when fuel increases all other commodities increase.

  2. kikikikikiki! Wonders shall never end, sure the opposition influencing fuel prices. Awe even my grade three son cannot utter such rubbish.

  3. Ba elvis I think you should go back to school,it is never too late for you.An increase in fuel pump price means that commodities will also go up. Fuel is the one that drives the the economy of any country.No wonder you are dull olo ichikopo from group three.

  4. This guy is an idiot. He thinks he’s not affected when fuel prices go up. He does not now that bus fares will also increase and will he use to go to town since he does not own a car. He is shallow minded. UPND masons? Total bollocks

  5. Leave this guy alone. He is Edgars calibre. Ubomba mwibala alia mwibala. Edgars trips to Saudi Arabia under the pretext of reducing fuel price was a waste of our tax paid money. I am happy we have finally made him to stop globe trotting.

  6. Simple economics for this Pathetic Fool PF. Fuel or energy is the starting point of production, so if fuel price is high all other services in the process go up.
    In the end the food ,tissue, soap we all need will cost most PF ministers and all PF cadres can’t grasp that simple economics. What a shame.


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