PF Cadre Miyanda Katiwa owes huge taxes to ZRA


By Staff Reporter

PROSOFT Consultant Chief Executive who is also a Patriotic Front party cadre Miyanda Katiwa voices out against the “pull him down” syndrome adding that those who blow out other people’s candles don’t have a guarantee that their will shine brighter.

“Do you know that blowing out someone’s candle, pulling them down, hating them for no reason will NEVER make your candle shine brighter?”
Miyanda Katiwa is allegedly owing huge taxes to Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) but opted to join politics, specifically the Patriotic Front party as a strategy to deter the tax collector from pursuing her.

This is according to a letter addressed to Kwacha Times editor by a ZRA official who opted anonymity for fear of victimisation.

It is alleged that before her eventual submission to politics, Miyanda Katiwa had been a target of the tax man from ZRA but after she opted to join the armpit of powers, a directive from State House via Kingsley the Director General at ZRA was given to the inspectorate team to stop pursuing Miyanda Katiwa as her case had “special considerations”.

However, Miyanda says one may become a celebrity on Facebook and walk out with plenty likes and a huge following after dissing others or making fun on them or even insult them but doing so never guarantee such people good sleep or a healthy bank account.


“But that definitely will not make you sleep better at night or change your bank balance or make you a better person. It just makes an overgrown oversized cyber bully”.


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