PF in Kasama panics over the fate of ‘hospitalized’ Justine Chama who was beaten by its cadres

Fear yesterday gripped the Patriotic Front-PF in Kasama after word went round that Justine Chama, a youth who was assaulted by its known cadres, was admitted in the Kasama General Hospital.

And a check by a Mano News Crew at the Hospital found some party officials and followers in a sympathetic mood after seeing Justine Chama on a drip as he laid in anguish on a bed at the casualty section.

Kasama Mayor, Ward Councillors and Party District Youth Chairperson visited Chama at the hospital.

Meanwhile, a Police report signed by an Inspector Chilombo indicates an Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm-OABH, revealing that the victim bled from the nose and that he complained of general body pains.

And on the same report, a senior medical officer, Dr. E. Ilunga states that there is tenderness on the left side arm, neck and chest.

The senior medical officer also discloses that the Justine Chama bled from the nose with bruises on the nostril.

As at 18:00 hours, Justine Chama was still nursing injuries at the Kasama General hospital.

Yesterday, irate PF cadres in Kasama assaulted Justin Chama, a member of the local outspoken Team America.

Confirming his beating to Mano News, Chama says over eight cadres led by party district vice Information and Publicity Secretary, Eric Nsofu, attacked him around 10:00 hours