Dear Editor

I have looked closely at these pictures…and those while in court…

My aim was to see the bitterness from his face or his conduct…bitterness that some people always accuse HH for…but i did not see any bitterness anywhere written on his face.

This is a man who was followed to his house by hundreds of police, his house extensively damaged, teargassed the whole night, then taken to a dark filthy cell with a pit latrine in it to sleep in water without a mattress or a blanket.

He then appears in court like nothing of that sort ever happened. He jogs to the dock, then sings “nankwe nakwe” and busy smiling…emerges from the court smiling and waving at people…

…in all this, he was without a complaint about his ordeal…

My question therefore is; who is bitter here, the oppressor or the oppressed?

I am somewhat lost!


  1. what you must know that the heart is deceitful who can understand it?it is the Lord God who searches the heart and gives according to the fruit of his doings.i am reluctant to express anything that is political because people perish because of the fustration of time and things are not going their way.

  2. Disgustingly Pathetic ! When someone smiles that does not mean he’s joyful or a lovely happy person. Get to know that person and how he treats people around him. Ask Canisius Banda maybe you would get a true acquaintance on how deceitful, arrogance and self egocentric that same man you saw smiling.
    This is the same man who sold your Mines for almost nothing for personal benefits and you still can’t get it in your sewer brains how schrewed the Bastard is. The man would easily sale out the Country within few days if ever he gets a chance to be Head of State. Fortunately that will never happen.

  3. Zinyo be objective hh has never been a minister in any gvt to sell any mine ask nawakwi who was the finance minister when your father chiluba was selling the mines hh was just à consultant .when u want to sell your car you have to make it attractive to the buyer if not u will sell your car a very cheap price and that’s what happened to chiluba he was desperate for money and had no choice but to sell the mines at cheap price therefore it is in wise to blame hh .chiluba sold mine and council houses to sitting tenants at very cheap price s to gain political mileage

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