Dear Editor


My husband is making me hate him and I would like to set him up.

My husband is 37 and I am 27. He married me as a virgin and in all my 25 years of being single, I never dated a married man.

I even had an extra year at the University because a lecturer of mine who was married with kids wanted to have s*x with me, but I refused.

Before we got married in 2015, I told him to disconnect himself from ladies because I hate men who cheat. His response to me then was “my dear, you have everything I want in a woman’s body, why should I look out”.

In 2016, my husband started keeping late nights, drinks alcohol like water and carries his phone everywhere. I took his phone one day and told him that I wanted to call my mum, I got the shock of my life. My husband has so many side chicks. One of them even gave him a list of creams and perfumes for him to buy for her, while I use Vaseline.

He even gave one of them some money and has never given me money. If I ask he will tell me that there is no money. He was even apologizing to one of them in his chat, but if I say anything that offends him, he will shout at me like a mad dog. I showed him all the chats and told him I didn’t believe he would do something like this to me.

My husband said nothing, came back home late that night and gave me the beating of my life while I was 5 month pregnant then.

I have hated him ever since then and he has made me hate men and s*x. Anytime he wants to have s*x, he would tell me to lie down and then insert his dick in me without any romance. I shout at times because it’s so painful. He came home around 3.a.m on Friday oozing all over with alcohol. The next thing I knew; he was waking me up to have s*x with me. I refused and he gave me 3 solids slaps. I was in tears from 3:15 to 6:30 am. He didn’t have pity on me even though he knew I was 2 months pregnant then.

I hate him, I don’t wish him well anymore. I even want something bad to happen to him because he hurts me without pity. Please I need four men in this group that will help me threaten him never to touch me again. I also need four men that will act as the ladies’ boyfriend by warning him to stay clear of babes. Imagine me as your little sister, passing through all of these. Please drop your number I will chat with you.

Please help me.


  1. Mama you are indeed in a pathetic marriage. Wish I had power to end your marriage but God has a reason for this. Get this sister don’t be a slave in your marriage, tell your banachimbusa, banabukombe or bashibukombe tell them all your complaints. If it doesn’t change then I assure you that you have the power to end your abusive marriage and get rid of that monster and get yourself something to do to raise your children…. Your plan may bring problems at last. May God be with you as you get through this challenge…..

  2. These Pastors You Sea On The Road,they Are Councillors.Go And Meet The Man Of God At Your Church Then Explain To Him The All Issue.The LORD GOD Who Never Fails Will Find A Way Out For You.

  3. A demon you know is better than an angel you don’t know, you will find some one again you will discover his problem you will leave him ,how many men are you going to be with in this world? more advice if you come back.

  4. We Dont Say I Need Four Men To Threaten Your Husband Not To Have An Affair With You And We Dont Sake Help By Directing The Type Of Help By Saying You Need Four Men To Act As Ladies And Boyfriends,at This Angle Only I Totaly Disagree With You And Blame.Good Start And Poor Finishing.Your Finishing Tells Me That Your Story Is Calculated And Cooked One.Look At Your Dresscode Very Pathetic And Stinky.But If What You Are Narrating Here Is True,your Husband Needs Serious Prayers And Be Councilled By Aged People.If You Want Help,we Say That,as Zambian Observer Jugdes Or Members,i Need Help.Otherwise Amalgamate Dualy And Tableout Your Differences With Your Husband By Involve Two Or Three Old People To Council You.Your Husband Is Questionable If You Are Not Fabling And Faking Us.

  5. Thanks, my appeal to u God is knows all yo prblm and he can solver it remember that God is the one who build our families. Have you tell him if not tell him can control. But us u talk to him first thing check yo dressing and dress like adouter of living father thank u.

  6. But the dressing code describes also what kind of a person u re….honestly the world z seeing your nakedness and u are a married person like this……God z the only solution in this problem and u as an individual u can’t help God to punish someone…. If u do that meaning u re simply telling God that u can do everything on your own. So instead their misery life u are living in to end, it will continue so that u learn the greatness of God. If the story z real, God will punish him in his own way….. Just be faithful to him…..

  7. The action speakspeaking louder,according to the way you dressed you’re not married matrial please back to square one and learn how to be a parent.mind you their ‘s different between single lady’s dressing and a married women.remember your husband is not whiteman is a Zambian so u have to respect him,dress proper and yourself

  8. All the women who were devorced were just weak like you.My dear stop cheating yourself,help that man to leave well with you not criticizing him on the media.Sometimes don’t just complain first check yourself why has he left you.Learn to support your marriage ,3 quarters of married women behave like you useless. There is man shortage

  9. I never believed in in herber medicine ,not until i contacted this great man.Dr Save . I’ve been on Drugs since 2002,I was tested HIV+. 2.Due to some Family Issues, I had misunderstanding with my husband, and we went separate ways. But as i speak now I’m now HIV-, negative my husband is back with me and we are very happy again. I’m Very sure this Man can help every-one with HIS/HER problems.To me there is no problem that Dr.Save can’t solve. HIS MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected] or call/whatsapp +2348146005390

  10. Your dressing shows that you are not a decent woman, you are uncultured that’s y your husband behaves the way he does because he knows u very well. How can a wife plan evil against her husband. Lastly if you are innocent don’t provoke the situation bcoz people may insult u 4 nothing

  11. Your husband shows no indications for improvement. A man who once has laid a hand on you in violence WILL do it again. You only have one way out, divorce. He will resist and probably become more violent but that will confirm his deliberate disrespect towards you. If you keep hanging on to him the consequences are unpredictable, most likely will only hurt you, not him. Your the victim here. As a pray reacts to predators, run.

  12. That’s what happens when you first love money not the man,genuine men you push away because you look at material things, fortunately God is the only one who can help you in that situation NOT the four men you are mobilising,get on your knees talk to God he is your only way out,trust God he can restore your love for each other.good luck

  13. Dear sister every carefully reader would know that is a fictional story ment to gauge readers perception. Anyway, since such are a reality in human being lifes, at times I would request u to first off all give yo life to Christ fully and then commit yoself into prayers and fasting just specially for hubby, God will leave and yo hubby with a remarkable testimony, He is a good hubby to don’t conteplete second marriage that spirit shall tomante u more. Remember that all things happen for a purpose to those that love th Lord.

  14. U may never know why your husband is behaving like that one thing for sure there must be something that makes him to do that so my friendly advice give him another chance and call your elders from both sides whom you can trust to help you in this your marriage predicament.

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