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Dear Editor

Am a married man aged 33. Problems in our marriage started when a female colleague moved at the same flat we were renting and when coming back from work I could give her free lifts as u know life is a bit expensive in Lusaka and her salary grade is a bit low but my wife became too jealous of her and I suggested that we shift to another place of which we did but surprisingly my wife’s strange behavior continued.

She started being disrespectful at times she couldn’t iron my clothes, at times she denied me sex, She could check my phone regularly and at some point she deleted My Whatsapp but I instead i installed it on my laptop then 1day I overheard her on the phone telling a friend that she controls me like her boy & that annoyed me I didn’t even have time to consult marriage counselors I retaliated by dating the best friend she was telling our marital problems and she so this made my side chick my informant she told me everything they discussed then this nosy neighbor to my side chick who is also my wife’s friend told spilled the beans and told my wife that I was hitting on her best friend and she caught me red handed in the act when I returned back home we fought big time & she vowed not to talk to her friend again and told me to marry her & she left home with my 4yr old boy to her to her aunt’s place.

I tried to call she couldn’t answer my calls and I thought that’s the end but fortunately 2days later she returned back home behaving as if nothing happened & she started behaving the caring wife she started ironing for me, cooked my favorite dish, took my suits for laundry, she could even call me when am at work how much she miss me and things in the bedroom improved big time and during weekend she was all freshed up and looked gorgeous she even stopped wearing those choir chitenge materials regularly

Now am worried whether this love is real or its a trap to make me comfortable and catch me off guard this is stressing me up bcoz I rarely sleep at knight not knowing what would happen when am asleep I have even reached an extent of counting all knives and sharp objects in the kitchen before I go to bed. Members Of The House Pliz Advise Me What Should I Do because am even thinking of taking some days off at work until I know whats going thru her head.


  1. Kkkkk…You are right boi just be careful with her because women are smart criminals! women also stop disclosing to your friends what goes on in your homes because not all of them are happy with your marriage.Baza kuchaya cou’p!

    Good luck.

  3. The advise i can share with you remain vigivigi and other thing where she went she was planned by her friends and relatives to behave in that manner and also expect something in future since she got bitter , she want you to stop side chicks or its 50-50 or she has found a guy to equal you but remain focus and be careful

  4. No ,Please don’t worry. I am very sure that someone kind talked to her the time she walked out of you. Trust her and love her more. Meanwhile Please don’t keep it to yourself, tell your uncle what transpired in case she is up to do you harm.

  5. be prayerful. there is nothing impossible to God. this a way to a good start. i feel she has come back to her senses, just continues to show total love. if she has some evil plans against you, by showing love thru prayer the Holy Spirit will intervene. Dont worry, as worries invites evil thoughts

  6. Start filing for a devorce…A good % of These so called modern women are out of context with reality of a real women. They have taken a route of the Devil…they are possessed with Demons…They are not even ready to follow Gods’ way….Too many kangaroo rights….they are in denial, etc…Isaiah 4 : 3 – 5…
    Paint a Hyena like a Zebra, it still remains a Hyena..
    Watch Out…You will die…

  7. She was over rating herself and has just realized that you are the boss. Believe me you she was badly admonished at her Aunt’s place and probably she just discovered how life may be hard without you. So cheer up after all this what marriage should be.
    NB: Too much analysis, bring Paralysis.

  8. Open communication is the answer, do not be comfortable or fearful with picture no sound treatment, go out on holiday and talk things over, recreate your first love and remain faithful to each other.

  9. Your wive loves you very much but its you who opened the door for the devil to enter and disturb your marriage just ask for forgives many have died in the same way and many have shown bad ways for wives to also start hanging out with other men so find wisdom to calm that storm but my advice is change your direction seek God in your life and stay there the better then it shall be well with you.

  10. Am sure she was advised properly by ha anty ,coz does nt come to end marriages, bt u nid to seat down as people who have bin tough hw to resolve issues, she has realized dat she cud loose ha marriage over a simple matter

  11. Turn a new leaf. Stop sleeping around. Apologise to her and assure her of your love. Start spending more time with her. Invite relatives on both sides and confess your misdeeds. Tell them of your fears and assure them of undivided love to your wife . Be genuine and sincere. Enjoy your marriage. Side chicks are spoilers and detractors and nothing good comes out of them.


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