The Zambia Police working with the Patriotic Front wanting to assassinate UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema last night seemingly failed as the police and assassins that went to his house at night ‘bounced’.

Hichilema was not in the house but his brother is the one who was shot on his left shoulder.

But instead of returning to their poverty homes after finding out that the clever Hichilema was not in the house, police took advantage and stole hichilema’s food.

However, HH’ s children and other relatives who have been held inside the house by police since last night have been abused verbally and physically by the police. They are not allowed to leave making them virtual prisoners in their own house. All their phones have been confiscated.

More than 500 armed police officers and PF cadres led by Edgar Lungu’s advisor Kaiser Zulu besieged HH’s house around 22 hours yesterday and are still in the house and yard. They forced their way in after breaking the gate and doors and firing teargas inside the house. They also cut power supply to the house.

The plan was to shoot dead HH in the ensuing confusion and then blame UPND supporters.

But it seems that somehow they did not find HH at home so the police and PF cadres in police uniform took revenge on stealing food and anything they could find in the house and yard.


  1. we said HH is very powerful pipo were read to fight back let them eat good that he is still live but unfortunately to the brother we wish him speed recovery.

  2. It seems lungu no plans for the country , why can’t you just consecrate to the future and focus to develop the state he should not fear hh because he is not in the state house .pliz just fixe the problem of Zambian .


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