By intelligence Reporter

Zambia’s President Edgar Changwa Lungu is expected to meet Barotse Activists when he comes to Barotseland soon.

Senior Intelligence Officer has revealed to BWD that so far Barotse activists such as Sinonge Lutangu and others have been contacted secretly to give a humble chance to discuss Barotseland issue with the Head of State in Mungu as he comes to Barotseland in the first week of March,2018.

Our OP reporters revealed that President Lungu and the Patriotic Front Government have finally believed that Edwin Lubosi and his batch of useless BRE Indunas are not factors to solve the issue of Barotseland.

Intelligence reporters added that President Edgar Lungu has been willing to solve the issue of Barotseland amicably, but Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II is fearing the people of Barotseland especially Barotseland activists.

The Government of Zambia is under serious panic looking at how to handle the people of Barotseland , our intelligence source has revealed.

Our intelligence sources further revealed that Justice Minister Given Lubinda was tasked to discuss with Hon. Wainyae Sinyinda, Sinonge Lutangu and others to accept positions in Government for them to bury the issue of Barotseland agreement, but of them rejected the offer.

And PF Provincial official has informed BWD that President Lungu ‘s planned meeting with Barotse Activists is to win favour and support from the people of Barotseland. PF Government is struggling to gain support from the people of Barotseland as the prepare for the year 2021 Trippertite Election.

But when contacted for a comment Sinonge Lutangu said the efforts for the Head of State to meet Barotseland Activists will bear no fruit as Barotseland will soon attain her self determination.



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