Dear Citizens,

We have received information that traders who were displaced from the streets and resident in Kanyama have run out of patience and protesting, demanding to get back their trading places so that they can continue earning a living.


We fully understand the challenges that everyone is facing at this moment but we want to call for calm as together we identify lasting solutions to these challenges.


Further, we call on every well meaning Zambian not to involve themselves in violent protests that would lead to death.


May calm be restored in our country and we hope even those whose trading places have been declared prohibited throughout the country will not resort to violence but dialogue and identify lasting solutions. It is understood that people’s lives and livelihoods have been disturbed and its time the PF took this matter seriously. The solution to roadside trading is to designate an area for traders to conduct their business.

God bless you all,

God bless our country.



  1. Close street vending permanently .There are so many who do not qualify to live in town.This is the opportunity to make polluters go back to their villages. Imagine the national team is having a tough time to be accommodated in Morocco or play with other teams freely because of cholera.

  2. Public Heath Regulations should not be ignored. Due to illegal trading Lusaka City Centre had been reduced into some big open toilet. Politics of appeasement from those that are stealing should end.

  3. Comment:
    Nakambi aka kaisa ati president kwisa? Moneni imishishi, ukusapula, ifiko ati abandalama akaso nako, aleni bapeleniko ifyakulya bakanyama balila. Ati inkesabapela wen they vote 4 me, mukeseiba nafucii kumyoca nomba yama. Kwena ema politics yansala aya ee Zambia twasebana. Beeniko nemishishi tata kwati shabuloshi. Let responsible pipo do th work!

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