We had a dinner meeting with leading business executives in UK who expressed their desire to invest in our country. Our job at this dinner was to provide opportunities to this group of investors in the many sectors of our economy and the challenges therein.

Our interaction with them was very fruitful and we demonstrated to them that Zambia has some of the most profitable investment opportunities in areas such as mining, agriculture, tourism, and others.

We were very categorical that we would give priority to investors that are willing to partner with our local people, especially youths and women. This will allay fears they expressed regarding the security of their investments.

Specifically on agriculture, we told them of Zambia’sfavourable climatic conditions, good soils in all our provinces, abundant natural resources and more importantly friendly and hardworking people, especially youths and women.

They expressed concern on issues to do with our young democracy and governance. We assured them that these are matters which we are addressing through various means including the proposed dialogue which is imminent.

We shall continue with our investment promotion drive at every opportunity where we meet key business executives. This is for the good of our citizens as we believe the country is bigger than any individual.




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