The image was caught flying across the sky and the source of the image is anonymous and whether the image is a hoax or photo shopped no one knows, his focus is on the image.

The image that you are seeing is called the siren.Its an entity from the Marine kingdom but has ability to fly.

In the Lexicen lite dictionary,carnage Mellon University 1993 to 2008 copyright,the word siren is defined in their dictionary as a sea nymph (part woman and part bird)

This is considered a myth but to some it’s a reality from another realm.

Before,these entities only made covenants with kings and great men on earth, also with those who thought sought to be made rich,wealth,powerful and famous.

Be it in the political,music or entertainment industry,Business be it import or export.

Prophet Richard Vine

And one of the reasons why kings made covenants (Psalms 105 vs 30)with these entities was to safe guard their merchandise and their family Business because merchandise ships and sea sailors used to be attacked a lot by these entities on the sea.And because the seas are the wealth gates of the nations and kingdoms of the earth(1 kings 10 vs 11 and 22) kings and queens made sure that their interest regarding safe transition of what enters and goes out of their kingdoms was safe guarded because the sirens and the leviathans controlled the wealth that passed on the sea.Psalms 104 vs 26 and Isaiah 47 vs 1

If you carefully look at the voluntary movement of the image below you
will see that the it has no wings but it’s is flying ,also you will see that the entity has a feminine appearance and with tailing fins, revealing the characteristic of a siren the only feminine Marine Spirit that can both fly and swim in the sea.

Richard Vine Ministries.



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