Who is from any of these or has been through one of them, we see the popular one among our followers?

1. Africa Research University.
2. Alliance International University.
3. Cavendish University.
4. Foundation for Cross Cultural University.
5. Northrise University.
6. St Dominics Major Serminary.
7. Rusangu University.
8. Southern University.
9. University of Lusaka.
10. Zambian Open University.
11. Africa Christian University.
12. Damelin University.
13. Greenlight University.

14. Information and Communication University.
15. Justo Mwale University.
16. Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University.
17. Paglory University.
18. Trinity University.
19. Zambia Catholic University.
20. Oak University.
21. Texilla American University.
22. Chreso University.
23. DMI-St Eugene, Chibombo Compus.
24. DMI-St Eugene, Chipata Campus.
25. Evangelical University.

27. Sylva University.
28. University of Africa.
29. Victoria Falls University.
30. Copperstone University.
31. DMI-St Eugene University, Woodlands Campus.
32. Eastern University.
33. Gideon Robbert University.

34. Harvest Institute of Missions University.
35. Lusaka Apex Medical University.
36. Rockview University.
37. Southern Africa University.
38. Eden Institute University.
39. ZCAS University.
40. The Barotseland University.
41. City University College of Science and Technology.
42. Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA).
43. The South Valley University.

44. Twin Palm Leadership University.
45. University of East and Southern Africa (UNESA).
46. Trans-Africa Christian University.
47. The United Church of Zambia University.
48. Manisfied University.
49. Pamodzi University.
50. John David University.
51. Citizen Universty.
52. Sunning Dale University.
53. UNICAF (Zambia Limited) University.
54. Zambia Chritian University.
55. Zambian Royal Medical University.
56. Mosa University college of Education and Health Sciences.
57. Supershine Universty.
58. Indian Institute of Enterprise Management.

SOURCE: Higher Education Authority website.



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