The Road Transport and Safety Agency(RTSA) has refused to renew the bus license for one innovative company FM Travellers

Below is a letter;
Dear Admin I’m writing to you regarding the chaos going on with the transport firm -FM Travelers, the Sprinter Benz which travel to Livingstone with free Wi-Fi on the move.

Lately there is something that others would regard as drama and now it’s been about 4 days since the operations were suspended due to unknown reasons.

The time came to renew the license they were asked to bring the drivers for re-tests Fortunately all of them passed.

FM travellers has not recorded any road accidents or bad road behavior. Dear Admin please question Mr Zindaba Soko what wrong the company has done for them to do this to our Business.

Different transport firms have been causing accidents and claiming lives especially the Black and Yellow guys but they are never touched or tempered with so why us??

For that bus to leave Lusaka intercity bus Terminal to Livingstone many families benefit from it and mostly too our esteemed Customers at large.


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