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Rural people upset, ready to vote out PF – Sinda MMD

SINDA district MMD chairperson George Mwanza says people in communities are upset with what is going on in the nation and are ready to vote out non-performers if elections are called today. In an interview, Mwanza also called for investigations into the purchase of fire tenders by the PF government.

He said people were going through hard times as poverty levels had increased, causing them to hate the current leadership.

“In villages where we are visiting, the roads are extensively damaged such that you can’t enjoy being on a vehicle; cyclists even overtake the vehicles because they can’t move fast. In these villages, there is dangerous poverty, which has saddened the people who even say ‘if elections are held today, someone can see, we can vote them out’. Now you are the reporter, you know whom they refer to when they say that,”

Mwanza said.

He said villagers would have smiled if graders were bought to grade their roads instead of fire tenders.

“It would have been wise and better if graders were bought instead of these fire tenders which have nothing to do with us in rural communities because fire or arson is not a problem here but the problem is bad roads and high poverty levels and buying of fire tenders is a great insult to rural communities,” Mwanza said.

“Our leaders should see to it that whatever they are doing is what they promised the people. They are in government and they should see to it that they concentrate on working on the major problems that people who voted them into power are facing.”

He castigated political leaders who showed fake love to people when scouting for votes but neglected them after assuming office and pursued their selfish interests.

“It’s shocking that people in rural areas are used as ladders during elections by politicians who show fake love to them but once they are voted for, they change by undermining electorates and start tormenting the same people who voted them into office,”

Mwanza said.

“It’s sad that rural voters are not respected by selfish politicians who only show up when they want votes. He challenged people in rural areas to keep their bitterness and pain and express it in the 2021 general elections.

“Let’s not forget what we are going through now, let’s keep that pain until 2021 but the problem is that we easily forget what we go through once we are given t/shirts and chitenge materials,” said Mwanza.