Football star, Emmanuel Eboue has been found dead by authorities in his sister’s house in North London. This development is coming shortly after Eboue’s divorce troubles and the loss of all his property and wealth to his ex-wife came was made public.

Eboue is believed to have struggled with long-term depression, did not leave a note behind and he was found hanging in the room on a fan hook, Police said in a statement.

Investigators declined to comment on whether it was suicidal or a perpetrated act but assured the public an investigation is ongoing. Eboue had received tons of offers on legal advice in his bid to overturn a court ruling which was set to leave him homeless in the wake of his bitter divorce.

His wife, Aurelie was given all his property and wealth after she filed for a divorce from him.


  1. Eboue is not dead. he just lost all his property to the former wife. how can the judge share property like that?
    was she fucking the judge? some of these women we marry, am sure he could see the writing on the wall that she wasn’t meant for him or the other way round.


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