The Zambian Observer


Evil plans by the ruling Satanic Patriotic Front (PF) to cripple its bitter political rival, the United Party for National Development(UPND) ahead of the 2021 General elections, through the Political Parties’ Bill(PPB) has been unearthed.

PF sources intimated that the governing party working with the Ministry of Justice have hatched a plan to dismantle the largest opposition political party, using the PPB.
The source said since it has representation in Parliament, the UPND qualifies to get funding from government that will come with conditions which will work to their disadvantage in the 2021 election campaigns.

The source said the plan is working as planned because UPND seem to be falling into the trap by endorsing the idea of political parties in parliament getting funding from government.
He said what UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka is not reading between the lines is a fact that the PF wants to limit UPND financial base in the 2021 campaigns by ordering them to disclose sources of extra campaign funds.

He said this will chase away genuine political party funders as most businessmen prefer to remain anonymous when dealing with politics.

The source said: “The PF is aware that the UPND is capable of mounting a very expensive campaign. That boy HH has strong connections within and outside the country. The PF are aware about that. So how do they stop him? They first of all threw him in jail on trumped up charges. This was to remove him out of political circulation. But this back fired because it worked against us. HH’s name has become a household name. What do they do? They schemed and schemed until they caught the UPND napping because they knew that they were not going to refuse money, after all, they are businessmen. Before supporting that fraud called a bill, HH and Katuka were supposed to ask themselves the followed questions: is the funding going to be sustainable? considering that the party is growing everyday, in an event that the money finishes way before September 2021 what happens? Are we ready to disclose our source of funding? The PF are interested to know who funds that boy(HH), a thorn in their flesh. Remember there were allegations that his funding is linked to the imperialist. The same big boys who fund Mmusi Maimane’s Democratic Alliance(DA),” the source said.

The source has since advised the UPND to join many Zambians in rejecting the PPB because they are prime targets of the PF 2021 election elimination plan.