Chief Moonze of Monze District of Southern Province has called for peace among his subjects during and after the persecution of incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema. The Senior Chief acknowledged that HH was going through torture at the hands of persecutors but expressed confedence that the Lord God will fight for him.

In an Interview with Voice of Kalomo yesterday, Chief Moonze says he does not want to see the ground stained with innocent blood.

The Traditional Leader says his subjects should remain peaceful, irrespective of the outcome of the treason case labeled against Mr. Hichilema.
He stated that God has already blessed the nation with peace, hence there is no need to shed the blood of innocent citizens.


Meanwhile, Chief Moonze has called on government to allow the judicial system to independently and diligently carry out its duties. “Its clear that our judiciary is being controlled by the government. Its no longer serving the people of Zambia but those who appointed them”, he said.


  1. let the chief not be partisan on issues that concern the country.Because hh does not belong to the tongas only but zambia atlarge.It is an open truth that zambia’s threaten state of emergency was necessitated by the detention of hh,and zambians are affected and no well meaning zambian is pleased.

    • Thanks brother that’s the ways 2 go. I have longed 2 hear an unbiased opinion. He is indeed all our brothers. This bunching of ethic groupings is so fearful because Tonga’s, Lozi’s and north westerners seem 2 have been incaserated and condemned with him no matter what your opinion. I am happy

    • Yes Ba Nkhoma its all of us. Thank you 4 standing as a team. I have felt bad when friends have said imwe Ba Tonga. I have said no when were we ever like this divided even when its not political. Thanks sir

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