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Social media lights up on murder of Precious Mangesana

Social media has been lit up and abuzz by talk and speculations about what led to the brutal murder of Precious Mangesa by her boyfriend Chinga Kapita.

Mangesana was shot to death by her boyfriend when she went to fetch her daughter.

The couple appear to have had an on-and-off relationship but were bound together by a daughter they shared.

Friends have confirmed that they met at Zain and later Airtel and became inseparable.

Precious joined Multichoice while he left for Vodafone

But they didn’t marry and their relationship was characterized by living-ins and living seperate lives.

On this fateful day, Precious left her residence to fetch her daughter from Chinga in Meanwood, Ibex, that appears to have become a death trap for the middle class!

Earlier in the day, she had posted on her Facebook page about an insecure psychopath who blames everyone for his misery!

It appears to have been a summary description and frustration of their relationship, whether borne by cheating or jealousy or trust issues, it remains to be seen.

What caused this murder, a rage that sent Chinga to pump over three bullets into Precious?

It’s a murder that scares all in relationships as couples have a tendency of looking at the brighter side of the affair and burying their hands in the sand or paying a blind eye to all the tale-tale signs.

Partners make excuses for one’s violence, one’s constant cheating, one’s constant irresponsible and careless behavior.

For women the traditions and culture which teaches them that; “Ubucende bwa mwaume tabu toba inganda,” “shipikisha ” “wako ni wako” ” nangu cipuba, ci, puba cobe”, tend to endure and tolerate more abuse in relationships.

And for the women, the prevalence of a few good men out there, who happen to be either taken, or are unemployed, a choice is limited to the bad, violent, cheats and ugly!

This is exacerbated by Facebook and instagram postings; where people post the glossy, rosy, hot, happy and perfect side of their lives but hiding the nightmare or monster they live with!

The Police and subsequent court process will give us a sneak preview of the lives of these two.

But what do you learn from this about your partner?

And we need prayers to be conducted to exorcise Meanwood, Ibex from the spirit of hackings, shootings and murders!