The report of a shooting of a Lusaka woman by her boyfriend has just added to the growing list of cold blooded murders related to passion gone wrong. Before now the country had yet to digest the circumstances that led to the murder of Lusaka businessman Reeves Malambo who was allegedly stabbed to death by his girlfriend Shaibu Benos.

The murder of Lubinda Litebele at point blank by his wife Precious Longwe in Woodlands was followed up by another more chilling murder of a Mrs Milumbe running over her husband in Makeni area. So the murder of 26-year old Precious Mangesana by her boyfriend Nshinku Kaputu with their two year old baby also hit in the process.

All these murders raise questions as to whether the public should now get concerned with the rapid occurrence of these cold blooded murders tied to relationships. What could have gone wrong for Zambia now to drift into terrain where individuals resort to killing each time there is a dispute in the house or relationship? What happened to sending away a spouse to her parents if things can’t work? However we are mindful that there has been a highly pronounced element of cheating in some of these relationships that tend to spark the ultimate rage in partners but should killing be the solution? Why has it become so easy to play cyborg and senselessly end live of a loved one all in the name of love? Are guns this available or is the appetite for target practice so rare that people have to shoot at the slightest irritation?

It seems there will be no end to this cycle of love instigated murders. We are slowly piling up cases in our courts of law of crimes of passion. Slowly the trend may lose its shock element if our prisons fill up with individuals that may have found themselves having shot dead their lovers. It could become acceptable if it is not addressed. Slowly they could be alliances of likeminded suspects taking comfort in a commonly shared burden of condemnation by society.

Is there anger so much that the only solution is to pump bullets in your loved one? While there may be no clear cut solution to these murders there is need for society to reflect deeply on the increase of these incidences across the gender divide.


  1. I respect and fully agree with a bemba adage which says” Buchende bwa mwaume tabutoba ng’anda” something like that.The problem is girls these days have simplified relationships so much.Instead of keeping with one man they tend to compete with a men. Finally it is them to lose.They should learn to avoid kutoba n’hands.

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