Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says some people are being paid to issue at least two statements a day accusing government of corruption.

And Chanda says three companies have approached him asking for permission to sue some people who have linked them to alleged government corruption.

According to ZNBC, Chanda told journalists at State House yesterday that government had unearthed a scam in which some people had formed a group to accuse government of corruption.

He said the group, which had planted people within and outside the country had directed its members to issue at least two statements a day accusing government officials of corruption.

But Chanda said government would ignore the baseless accusations as they contributed nothing to the governance of the country.

“Character assassination, baseless accusations of this one and this one, that we shall continue to ignore because we know that it is not adding to the governance of the country. Police are there, Anti Corruption Commisison are there, Public Protector, all those offices that are there so the President will continue to ignore the senseless noise including those from Kambwili,” Chanda said.

And Chanda said three companies had approached him requesting permission to sue some people linking them to corruption.

“I received a request today from three companies who were accused of corruption requesting us to allow them to sue some of these issuing senseless accusations, there are some companies that have been named in the alleged government corruption and they want to sue,” said Chanda.


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