This latest Prophet to take over South Africa, Anointed CFM/Seer1 yesterday bewildered his congregation after he resurrected a boy that was brought to the church dead by his parents.

According to reports, the parents Mr and Mrs Clive said their son died at 6am but they decided not to take him to the mortuary because they had heard about the new Prophet in South Africa. They brought him to be resurrected because they had heard great things about the Prophet’s work.

This is not the first time the young prophet has set tongues wagging, last week at his church at No.183 Commissioner Street in Johannesburg, he ‘commanded’ dollars to ENTER into people’s pockets and real dollars were seen entering people’s pockets on live TV. A number of people have expressed disbelief and labelled the Prophet Seer1 as a MAGICIAN with strong powers while many deem him as Messiah.

A quick check by reporters on his church last Sunday showed hundreds of people worshiping him, some going so far as calling him Jesus.

“I have the power, I can perform anything that I want including changing a man to a woman, making you rich and taking away bad luck from you, ” the Prophet was heard saying.


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