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Statement On HH’s Utterances

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s recent utterances alleging that Government is not concerned about the plight of vendors who have been displaced by a clean-up exercise are meant to portray himself as a ‘Messiah’ when in fact he is not.

Hakainde Hichilema
Hichilema, who was speaking at a media briefing, urged Government to compensate the vendors for the loss of business and destruction of their make-shift stalls during the clean-up exercise, and find alternative trading places for them to continue earning a living.

He also blamed Government for the Cholera outbreak alleging that Government ignored his advice to deal with the epidemic.

However, Hichilema, as usual, often takes advantage of any situation such as cholera to gain cheap political mileage, and campaign for presidency even when the 2021 elections is still a long way away.

Government recently assured vendors that the alternative trading places will be found for them, and that they will soon embark on re-constructing the modern city market that will accommodate more traders than before.

More so, President Edgar Lungu has demonstrated a political will in addressing many issues affecting the nation, including cholera.

Government is also tackling the issue of clean water supply and proper sanitation countrywide, including Lusaka’s Kanyama compound and other areas prone to the cholera outbreaks.

Zambian DNA advises Hichilema to appreciate efforts by Government in addressing many national issues such as cholera, and not play politics with people’s lives and serious national issues.

We are appealing to vendors and markeeters to ignore Hichilema’s utterances, and exercise patience as Government addresses their plight.

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  1. This is the most stupid things that my cousin the Lozis have produced ,if it was in those days when slavery was legal, kuti mwacicinjisha ne saka lya chisense nangu ilya mango.

  2. But this man chipuku chobeni ,bulozi ,not tribe but witch, muyanda bakulowa ,simple advice to you is something else, munyono ulamujaya badaala

  3. Kikikikikiki another fool emerges! Just ask for money from the fellow fools. They may give you but they are too selfish. Or just keep quite.

  4. Sipuku, you are a big disappointment. You are directionless. This is no surprise after you failed miserably in the music industry. It is no wonder that you sleep in a ramshackle near Big Jose. Keep on boot-licking but no one is paying attention to you.

  5. Ati sipuki mulemwa kikikikikikikikiki, yes indeed he is sipuki mulemwa a leader of Zambia ‘s DNA or is it a spokes man. Very stupid. Who knows you even his wife forgets him because of his unaranged dental system.

  6. Defending the indefensible. He is5 waffling and doesn’t address Hunger as a Reason for the Riots. U destroy people’s livelihood and assets. What do u expect them to do in a do or die situation? The govt caused the Riots by sentencing Kanyama Residents to death thru hunger. Compensate the marketeers whose assets were destroyed and for loss of trading incomes.Period.

  7. Which one should we follow we die with hunger as we are waiting for dat modern market if may times government is going promise we don’t want promises we want deeds seven years in power not even a single market as old as u are u want us to be cheering promises advise government on how to plan before taking action PF would have done better than this

  8. When I first heard this fake musicians songs, I thought that was the hieght of his failure,
    I was so wrong. He is so much worse at kissing politicians asses. You have to be such a loser to fail at bootlicking.

  9. I had a lot of respect for this man, little did i know that he really doesn’t deserve it, with such kind of shallow thinking zombies leading political parties, we can’t go any where as a country,

  10. Spuki wayesu, just shut up, for instance twakupisha munyumba and say will find an ultunative home for you and you sleeping in the cold in the name of cholera.if it where you? Have pity for your fellow zambian (booty-lickerssssszzz)

  11. So this fool implies that people must stop eating until their trading places are reconstructed? The problem is that some chaps are out of touch with reality and forget many people’s livelihoods depend on the same tuntembas and without them their lives are seriously affected.

  12. It is good people know your background Mr. Spuki. Your time is up. You may reverse your thinking but you cannot reverse your age. Of all the things on earth you have decided to be an angel of the Devil. Shame!

  13. U be serious with your comment on Mr HH many people in Zambia depend on selling vegetables for them earn leaving now they not selling those goods where do you expect them in order to support the family you should think before talking nonsense ok


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