By Elly Musonda

CHIEF Mukuni has advised the judiciary to stand firm when arbitrating political matters because they can make or break the country through their decisions.

On Monday, Lusaka magistrate Greenwell Malumani acquitted Hakainde Hichilema of the insulting language case brought against him.
Magistrate Malumani, in his judgment, expressed worry that one of the prosecution witnesses Mpanzi Mbita, who is also the arresting officer in all three charges Hichilema was facing, had lied on oath during cross examination.
Mukuni, who commended magistrate Malumani for the fairness he had exhibited in the matter, was confident that the judiciary would hear Hichilema’s other case with impartiality.

I am very, very comfortable with the manner the judiciary has so far handled this matter. I raise my head high to them, to the Judiciary,

Mukuni said.
He reminded judicial officers presiding over Hichilema’s case to continue being professionals and at no point become biased because the power to build or break the already divided nation lay in their hands.

I have always said that it’s up to the Judiciary to break or make this country and if the judiciary are going to interpret the law in the correct manner as it is without bias, without anything, then we are going forward as a nation, we see a future in this country. Only when the judiciary stands firm and takes its position and state the law as it is, not to favour anybody, will we bring back unity in this country.

Chiefs Mukuni and Hamusonde were been part of the people that followed the trial in Hichilema’s insulting language case in court.


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