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With the confession coming from Amos Chanda that some companies are asking state house on which way to take, gives us only one answer to all the current corruption happening in this country.

The answer is simple and straight forward. Some companies are directly connected to State House and that’s the reason why they are first requesting state house to sue. Where on earth do companies request governments, state house or the presidency to sue someone? Why are they asking the presidents office to sue someone if at all they have evidence beyond any reasonable doubt over the said person or company?

It’s clear that these companies mentioned by Amos Chanda are connected to the office of the president and that’s the reason why they are first requesting their masters to give them a go ahead and sue. What a shame, why has he Amos Chanda kept these companies to himself? Why isn’t he disclosing the said companies so that the nation can know?

It is clear that some people including companies have connections to state house and are using state house to achieve their personal or company agenda. This on its own is a recipe for corruption. As long as some companies will be connected to state house, these companies will be favoured by state house. They will have an upper hand when it comes to bids, all because of their connection to state house.

Let Amos Chanda disclose the 3 companies he has talked to so that we know them. Without disclosure of the companies mentioned, then we shall conclude that indeed corruption starts from state house since even suing has to start from state house. We are waiting for the companies to be disclosed without fail.

We have to fight such vises leading to favours from state house. State house should not be a place of deals or a place where consultancy services are done by certain individuals or companies .Why should state house be turned into an office offering consultancy services to it’s clients?

It’s now almost clear that the problem Zambia is faced with is at State house. Corruption starts from the head, then it goes to other organs of the body.

Let us all condemn favouritism and say no to corruption.

Kenny Ng’ona
UPND Youth Affairs
National Coordinator


  1. Only a fool would not add one and one together to get it correct. Why should companies now have to get advise from State House? Please opposition and Civic Societies this is a a strong point to take them on. Enough is enough.

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