Friday 6th September 2017



Since HH was release from prison as a Party we have observed that it has become fashionable for some people to attack HH. It’s very unfair to attack the man for whatever reasons. Some are saying he has just gone too quiet, others are saying he should have been the one bringing out the unprecedented theft in the PF Government.

Before he was mercilessly thrown in jail HH was bringing out issues affecting the ordinary Zambians and how rotten the PF Government is. To some of you this was a mistake as in your own view you considered HH to be talking too much. Some of you now accuse the man of concentrating too much on the stolen elections. Let us be fair to each other. What is more painful than seeing a thief who has stolen from you move scot free? You spend your time and resources just for someone to steal your victory, are you being fair to HH? What do you want the man to do, fold his arms and smile at people who have not only stolen votes but public money as well?

HH has availed himself on the political scene, but what have we done as Zambians to ensure that the man is sworn as President? Most of the people are so unfair to themselves that they continue supporting wrong things, even if they know they are suffering. Just take your time and observe how people respond to UPND issues, sometimes I wonder what has become of Zambians. We are so divided that we have made it very easy for some people to manipulate us at will.

The late President Dr Chiluba (MHSRIP) as ZCTU Chairman General gave Dr Kaunda a hell of time not as an individual but because he had the full backing of employees especially Miners. There at times when as UPND we urge employees to boycott Labour Day celebrations because of what we see PF is doing wrong, how many employees respond to our calls? The recent increment of between 7 to 9% to civil servants is nothing but an insult. Next year how many employees heed our call to boycott Labour Day celebrations? The price at which FRA is buying maize is beyond the cost of production, but how many people have held on to their maize?

We have said it several times that PF has made fatal mistakes on the running of the Mines, how much support as a party do we get from Zambians? Many times I struggle to get certain information on certain issues concerning the welfare of miners. And yet this information is available to most of our brothers and sisters working for the mines.

On the recent revelations about the theft in the PF, they say if you want to know how a crocodile behaves under water ask the Hippo. Hon. Kambwili is a hippo who knows how a crocodile lives under water. But how many Zambians have supported what CK is bringing out? And yet the theft that is in PF affects all of us and the future generations.

Let me end by throwing a challenge to my fellow Zambians, how many of you will join me in protesting against the way the ACC has behaved so far? If you are willing to join me go to our secretariat and register your name there.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Freedom Fighter and Chairman for Labour.


  1. That’s the problem of having SUPREME leaders Percy. Political parties must never evolve around individuals. HH has outlived his usefulness as UPND President. Let’s emulate the political party arrangement our friends in the USA have. One attempt only.

  2. pm u are the one is a fool who follows blindly when their capable leaders in upnd. He has lived his usefuness

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