MD Diehard youths national coordinator Gerald Chiluba has warned the Nevers Mumba’s group to stop bringing the leadership of the party into disrepute.

Responding to Elizabeth Chitika who has continued to issue statements against the MMD leadership under President Felix Mutati, Chiluba said the former ruling party youths will not condone the continued attacks of their leadership and that they will mercilessly deal with anyone who will attempt to attack the party secretariat.

“We want to urge one Dr Nervers Mumba with his stooge Elizabeth Chitika to decist from bringing the leadership of the party into disrepute.

“MMD is a law driven political party which consistently adheres to the provisions of its party constitution, therefore any unlawful attacks and malicious statements against our leadership will not be condoned by the youths of the great party.

“We want to take this opportunity to dare the Nevers Mumba group to come to the secretariat has insinuated by Elizabeth Chitika the self annointed Secretary, they shall find us and we shall mercilessly deal with them for offending the dignity and honour of our party leadership because they have now crossed the red line,” he said.

Chiluba further said his party’s intra party democracy will not be derailed by selfish individuals who wants to use it for personal gains.

He added that the party will continue to reorganise and ensure that it adds value to the governance of the country.

“We want to assure Dr Mumba and his spurious agents of destabilization that are hellbent on derailing the MMD intra-party democracy because of their personal gains that, their mischivious behaviour will not be entertained as their time has come to an end. We the youths of party are ready to wrestle and defend the party leadership against unwarrranted attacks from political adversaries.

“The party will not be distracted from its mandate of continuing to rejuvenate and reposition itself to contribute effectively to the governance and provide credible checks and balances as the party is now more alive and vibrant like never before,” he said.

Former MMD President Nevers Mumba and a handful of his confidants have continued to cling on to the faint hope that the former ruling party will be handed back to him despite the Registrar of Societies having changed names of office bearers for the party.

Dr Mumba disputed the convention which was held from 20th to 22nd May 2016 with a weak argument that his tenure of office would end 2017.

He has challenged the convention in the courts of law but one would wonder what argument he would use as his excuse that his tenure was ending in 2017 can no longer surffice as we are now in 2018 and no convention was held in their group for them to atleast claim that he has retained the presidency of the party.


  1. Please refrain from politics of insults and threats, use your brains for love and peace Mr Chiluba. Inspire the youth, no room for violence and threats in Zambia

  2. Do you know you can be cited for contempt of court, The court ruled that Nevers Mumba is the President of MMD, 31/03/2017 by siavwapa.
    The Mutati faction is only alive because of pf ‘s support through the corrupt system.There is no MMD faction in pf .It has been swallowed and now it is being digested.


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