There was drama today in Kitwe at mukuba mall when a strange image that look like a human appeared in the clouds.

According to eye witnesses say the strange image that looked like a human was in the sky for over 30 minutes while looking down at the mall.

This forced people who were shopping scampering in different directions thinking that God had finally come.

“we were shocked to see images that looked like a human in the clouds for close to 30 minutes, others started worshiping but others ran away. It was so strange” said an eye witness.

Zambian Watch is still investigating what the image that appeared in the clouds in form of a human being means.



  1. It is clearly stated in the bible that, at the last days strange things are going to happen… brethren! the day that Jesus shall come, every creator, i mean every creator shall see him, so just be prepare… I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Too much Technology it can true it z God who is Telling us something, it can b created just to scare people so complicated as fo now no one knows the Truth it has gone back to the sender,all eyes shall c him y only Kitwe.

  3. We shouldn’t involve God or play with His Holy name.
    When the time comes every eye shall see, my eye did see nth only people in kitwe saw it. I say “only SOME people saw the image”.

    I think Jesus was wright to warn us about is coming.

    They will tell you, jesus is there some will say is here, but you do not go there, wait you’ll see me coming


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